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There are certain tools at the disposal of high quality guarding service providers that allow them to guarantee 24 hour a day safety, every day of the year. When certain practices are applied with the right training and with the use of the correct devices,  then manned guarding services are virtually impenetrable.

CCTV Surveillance

 The use of CCTV surveillance helps all guards on duty to have a clear picture of what is going on around the entire premises they are manning. Manned guarding services use CCTV surveillance as the first line of defense; the moment anything seems out of place they spring into action.

Frequent Patrols

Manned guarding services will always make use of patrols, together with whatever other surveillance tools they choose. There is no replacement for frequently patrolling the perimeter to be sure that all corners are safe and secure.

Strict Access Control

Keeping a record of anyone that enters and exits the premises is an ever-effective means of controlling who is on the premises with permission at any given time. It also means that anyone caught inside during a patrol or on CCTV that wasn’t signed in entered via objectionable means.

Trained Reaction Units

All of the tools and means mentioned above are somewhat useless if there is not a competent person or team to respond, should the situation call for it. Trained reaction units ensure that, should any of the aforementioned tools reveal that someone is posing a threat, they put a stop to it as quickly as possible.
These tools are especially effective for industries that house many assets and call for a constantly manned guarding service to ensure its safe keeping. Professional guarding services will keep you, your belongings and your family safe, at all times.