The Impressive Benefits of WordPress for Businesses

You have likely heard about WordPress and someone may have even recommended the content management system (CMS) to you. But it’s fair to be skeptical about the great benefits of WordPress if you think of it as a site for hobby bloggers and cat meme enthusiasts.

Do you own one of the 500,000 new businesses that have opened in the past year? Do you need to start a website for it, but don’t know how to spell HTML?

How is WordPress for businesses like yours? Is it professional as well as being easy to use? Find out for yourself by discovering how to use WordPress and all the great WordPress tips and tricks for businesses below.

Most Popular Content Management System

WordPress powers around 40% of the websites on the internet. That is way more than any of their competitors such as Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace. 

This is one of the huge benefits of WordPress because it means that there are tons of tutorials and WordPress experts out there to give you tips.

It also means that if you hire website management services in the future, they are more likely to know how to use WordPress than any other CMS. This makes running a business and a website so much less hassle for you.

No Coding or Software Needed

The other alternative to running your business website through a CMS is to use a website-building program. These are programs like Adobe Dreamweaver and CoffeeCup HTML Editor.

To use these programs, you need to know how to code in HTML and use FTS software. So, one of the great WordPress benefits is that you do not need to know how to do any of that.

And because you don’t need any coding know-how or software, you do not need to use any particular PC to run your website. WordPress is a browser-based CMS so anyone can access your website from anywhere. As long as they have the log-in information, of course!

Everything Is Simple and Customizable

Squarespace users cannot access the “backend” of their website. This means they have limited design options and cannot add any extra features. Or if they do, it will be much trickier to do than on WordPress.

With WordPress, you can choose any website theme or build a brand new design from scratch. You can also add Plugins. These are ready-made pieces of code that allow you to add things like Twitter feeds and social media sharing icons to your web pages.

You can create new blog posts and content pages yourself as well as adding images and other media, too. There is not anything you cannot do to a WordPress website.

Start Reaping the Benefits of WordPress Today

Choosing WordPress for your website’s CMS is a no-brainer when you discover all the benefits of WordPress. You might even find that running your business is easier with a great website and you can grow your business quicker, too. Want to learn more business tips to help your venture grow? Browse our website for tons of useful guides and tips!

David Griffin

David Griffin