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New investors often get confused by the options available when buying physical silver. They must choose between minted bars, sovereign or limited-edition coins, or commemorative silver rounds. The first lesson is to evaluate the price of the asset and the premium put on it. The second lesson is to know what you are buying. Know the difference between silver bullion bars, coins, and rounds. Some collectable coins come with a high premium, and you do not get that premium back with a resale. Some silver bullion, if minted at unscrupulous mints, will not retain value or grow in value over time.

What are silver bullion coins?

A government mint is responsible for a country’s currency. Governments permit mints to produce gold and silver bars, precious metal coins and collectable coins. Bullion coins contain high percentages of refined precious metal, and they have a store of value. A bullion coin guarantees a standard weight (weighing in troy ounces or fractions of troy ounces), and it must have a precious metal content of 99.9%.

One of the more famous mints is Britain’s Royal Mint, which opened in 886 CE. Coins come in standard weights, and there are stipulations in the United Kingdom that bullion coins must have been legal tender after 1800 CE.

These official government mints have an excellent reputation.  

  • The United States Mint in Philadelphia. The Silver Eagle coin is a .999 one troy ounce coin.
  • The Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa. The .9999 Silver Maple Leaf coin is one troy ounce.
  • The Perth Mint in Perth. The Red Kangaroo (.9999) is available in one troy ounce. Koala bullion (.9999) weighs one troy ounce and one kilogram.
  • The South African Mint in Johannesburg. The Silver Kruger Rand is .999 and weighs one troy ounce.

Silver coins have proved to be valuable assets for people who want to buy silver bullion. Brisbane is home to many dealers who can advise on the best silver coin investments.

What are silver bullion rounds?

Silver rounds are silver bullion items, which are not released by or on behalf of a country’s government. They have no face value and are liable for certain taxes.   Like coins, rounds contain exact concentrations of silver and prescribed weights. Silver rounds commemorate historical events, famous people, and national emblems. They are valued only for their accurate silver content.  Silver rounds operate on a smaller price margin over the spot price.  They are perfect for customers who want to buy silver bullion Brisbane. Brisbane has many dealers who sell silver bullion rounds to customers.

When you invest in government-issued silver bullion coins, you have the choice to buy collectors coins, commemorative coins, or investment coins. Collectors’ coins are either old coins or new numismatic coins. Commemorative coins are issued to commemorate something or someone important in that country. It is recommended for investment not to invest in these coins and remain with Silver bullion Bars or Coins.

When you invest in privately issued silver bullion, you buy silver bars or silver rounds. Silver mint rounds are investable.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke