How Promotional Merchandise Helps with Brand Marketing

A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs take for granted their promotional merchandise, thinking that it won’t help them with their brand marketing. In truth, even with the available digital marketing techniques and options, promotional giveaways are still powerful tools for brand awareness.

Most of the time, promotional gifts are handed out by companies who attend conferences, trade shows, and other physical events as souvenirs or as part of company collaterals. However, these items can be used in so many other ways. Here are some ways you can use your giveaways to boost your brand’s visibility.

Promotional gifts help you stand out

Today, more and more businesses are shifting into online marketing. While it’s more budget-friendly, sometimes it does not offer authentic experiences. Instead of bombarding your customers with your email newsletters or posting random things on your social media pages, why not send them free promotional merchandise instead?

Choose creative, unique and durable merchandise that they can use for their day to day schedule. Also, it’s important to choose products that are durable.

Build a solid reputation as a caring business

Everyone wants to get freebies. While today’s online marketing tactics give free content, PDFs, eBooks, tutorials, webinars and other materials, they always come with a catch. Promotional merchandise items don’t work that way.

Instead of opting in for lessons, paid subscriptions or other deals, your customers will simply need to use the branded gifts you send them. Think of them as your official brand ambassadors. Show them you care, and it will return ten-fold.

Introduce new products or services

What better way to launch a product or service than giving away promotional items that will best reflect your campaign? You can give them travel mugs, flash drives or other types of materials that have the official logo of your event plus your company details.

Reward your employees

Rewarding your hardworking employees is a must. One of the best ways to reward them is to give them exclusive gifts that bear your company logo or name. They will eventually become your very own endorsers, and the best part is that you don’t even need to spend extra money on their referrals.

Reinforce your existing marketing efforts

Promotional gifts aren’t just for building brand awareness. You can also use them to reinforce your marketing plan. While ads can significantly drive sales, it’s important to ensure that you have a solid brand first. If your target consumers don’t know who you are, and what you can offer them, it’s less likely for your ads campaign to convert.

This is where promotional merchandise items come in. They can slowly build your image as an authority in your selected industry. Furthermore, the free and valuable gifts you give will help you gain their attention and loyalty.

Now that you know how to use promotional merchandise, your next step is to learn how to pick the right supplier for your selected type of products. It’s crucial to choose the right company because the quality of your products should be perfect. Otherwise, you will definitely gain bad feedback from your existing and potential clients.


David Griffin

David Griffin