It really should not matter if you have a big, or a small business because the chances are you could use some help from an outsider. This is why you should consider hiring a brand consultant from a professional brand consulting agency like BrandQuest. As long as you hire somebody from a trusted agency, you know that you are in good hands.

The reason why a powerful brand strategy is a sure win is because it combines ‘logic and magic’, which are basically a mix of emotive and rational elements. When combined, these elements give your brand engagement, distinction, focus, and connectedness.

Resonance – how does it affect people?

Every brand should draw out an emotive reaction. However, what exactly is the emotion that needs to be generated, and how intense should it be? This is something that you, as the leader of your firm, should already know.

Emotional brands help people connect

Many big brands became big by emotionally connecting with their audiences. By making a brand that simultaneously shows what your firm is all about while being relatable to a number of clients or customers, will surely make the traffic rise.

Resilience – how strong is your strategy?

Sometimes, even good strategies can fail, and you need to be ready for that. When you fully understand the risks that you are taking, you will be on a good path to a great strategy. However, keep in mind that there will always be flaws in some strategies together with unexpected occurrences.

Does this give the competitors something to react or ponder about? You need to create a brand strategy that will make your competitors notice you. Find a way to mark a clear way back while haveing a strong way forward.


Results – what difference will it make?

How will your strategy change the bottom line and contribute to the business? This is something you need to take into account before making a strategy in the first place. While it is good to have short-term and long-term plans at the same time, make sure that your short-term plan will in some way help you accomplish your long-term plan.

Readiness – always have a Plan B

As it was mentioned above, every growing business needs to be ready for the future unpredictable ups and downs that might occur. This is why it is always good to build a great strategy, while having a plan B on the side, just in case things go south.

It is very important to have a plan B on the side

Radiation – will it spread?

A good plan is the one that makes people talk, the ideas that are capable of great mobility. When people engage in conversation about the new upcoming strategy, that means that you have got their attention, which is very important for every business.

Recognition – will it be remembered?

While you need to make sure that your brand explains what your company does, you need to make something memorable as well. This is why it is a good idea to have a story behind the brand, which will make people engage and have an emotional reaction.

Final word

Following the above R’s, will surely help your business grow, especially if you hire a brand consultant on the side. There are many brand strategy companies in Sydney, that offer the most skilled, creative and unique brand consultants who will make sure that your business blooms.