Perks and Benefits Are the New Norm in the UK

Little rewards such as free food and giving a day off on an employee’s birthdays are increasingly becoming a norm with companies in the UK. The really good employers are going above and beyond to make sure their employees know they care enough. From pensions to health care to company cards, the idea is to retain and attract talent.

However, many smaller companies argue that employee benefits are a secondary feature when you’re still growing. They don’t realize its true importance until they’ve missed out on a talented hire or lost a strong team member to a rival company.

Let’s talk about some of these perks and benefits that can help in attracting and growing talent within a company’s fold.

Money Bonuses

Some companies give their employees a little extra when they perform well on the job. It is very common for them to offer £5,000 joining bonus to new employees and £500 worth in gift packages to existing employees. The average employee earns around £14,770 over the course of any given year. This is above and beyond the salary they already offer to their employees. Small and medium-sized enterprises might not be able to match this figure but a small amount is still better than nothing.

All Expenses Paid Company Holidays

Don’t restrict yourself to only offering paid time off. That pales in comparison to companies that offer all expenses paid company holidays. This means paying for the entire trip cost of an employee’s vacation, including their plane tickets, hotel accommodation and food. This reward program not only recognizes employees for their hard work but incentivizes existing employees to work toward winning this goal. Paid company holidays are a bit over-the-top, but they are bound to catch the eye of new talent.

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Negotiating Deals with Salons

It always helps to negotiate deals with restaurants, local pubs, beauty salons and other commodities that your employees frequently use. This way when an employee handles their project exceptionally well, you can reward them with discount coupons that are partially paid for. It’s always rewarding to have your nails done for free at a salon.

Discounted Wine

Throw your employees discounted wine, delivered straight to their home. They will always have something to look forward to at the end of the month when they have performed well on their job.

Free Meals

Give your employees free meals from a variety of vendors such as soft drinks, beers, coffee and baked items. Just make sure it doesn’t go against your corporate wellness plan. Some of the items that you can include involve street food, BBQ and fish fillets – these are bound to make your employees feel full and appreciated. Just make sure that the ‘points’ or reward mechanism being used treats employees fairly.

Giving a Day Off on Employee Birthdays

Give employees an extra day off on their birthdays. When they come to office the next day around, celebrate it with a cake and ceremony. This way they get to spend time with their families and relish in the fact that they are being appreciated by their employers.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke