Team building exercisesareessential, especially when it comes to corporate development. It enables bonding and communication in order to further develop skills, express and share areas of expertise and helps to promote good teamwork, which in turn assets business development.

Love or loathe

Now that’s never an easy task, especially for anyone who is rather introvert, some people absolutely hate having to sit in a conference room or office and play ice-breaking games. It can create an air of dread for many, whilst there is always the willing participant quite loud and transparent who has no issues and is up for almost anything, it may good for them, but not for the introvert, which for them it makes the situation a whole lot worse.

 So, if you want to do anything right when it comes to team building activities, try to avoid cheesy games, cut them out and make the time fun and creative instead. Let’s focus on more bringing some out of their shell, feeling comfortable and apart of the activity and team, rather than perhaps overshadowed by the more confident members of the team.

Great team-building activities, be it an obstacle course or a 5-a-side corporate tournament, are merely the means to the end. Generally, have long-lasting memories and are often talked about for years afterwards, co-workers will have a chance to show off their personalities as well as let loose a little. Still, the prime goal is to enhance relations between each other. A team of strangers is far more awkward than a team who know each other. Team building activities is like a fast forward method to get to know each other so that working tasks can strive from the get-go and believe or not; it usually works.

The importance of teamwork

Even the best business plan is not going to work if the right team isn’t able to manage it together. A good team will work productively for the best interest of the company, and that starts with relationships amongst themselves. They have to be part of a team and being a team player involves singing from the same hymn sheet.

Team-building exercises are the starting process for future business development.

Does size matter?

Team building is essential for all companies; it doesn’t matter if you are a huge organisation or a small team of around 10, in order to obtain productivity and success you need your employees to work as a team. Now, some working tasks may involve individual activity, but it doesn’t mean that team building is not a necessity, whether workers alone or together, as long as they a part of your company, they are a part of your team.

Here are some of the main benefits:

Team building exercise helps to determine political, religious and personal barriers, it provides a better understanding of one another and consequentially it’s vital for productivity, motivation and morale, a happy team is a more successful team! Many companies see the team building as being so vital to company productivity that they even enlist it to be a part of their training programmes these days, it’s been proven by many to enhance,

  • Improves better Staff morale
  • Encourages better relationships
  • Highlights Leadership skills
  • Outlines objectives and goals
  • Enhances performance, process and procedures
  • Identifies areas of strength and weakness amongst workers
  • Increases areas surrounding problem-solving