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Coaching and mentoring are both processes that enables the individual or the corporation to achieve goals and reach their full potential. They share a lot of similarities, which is why it makes a lot of sense to know the everyday things all coaches and mentors do, whether the services are paid or unpaid role.

Facilitate the study of motivation, needs, skills, desires, as well as the thought processes to assist individuals in making lasting and real change in their life.

Use questionnaires to facilitate the client’s own thought process to know the action and the solution instead of taking a wholly directive approach.

Support all the clients in setting an achievable and appropriate goals as well as methods in assessing their progress about the goals that they set.

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Listen, observe and ask questions to know the client’s situation.

Apply any techniques and tools creatively, which also include facilitating, one-on-one training, networking, and counseling.

Encourage the clients to a devotion to action as well as the development of lasting change and personal growth.

They are keeping an unrestricted positive regard for your clients. It means that the life coach is very supportive as well as non-judgmental of their clients, their lifestyle, aspiration and views.

Make sure that the clients grow personal suitability, and they do not form unhealthy reliance on the mentoring or coaching relationship.

Evaluate and check all the outcomes of the process using an objective measure as soon as possible to make sure that the relationship is very successful and the clients are achieving the goals that they set.

You need to work within the area of your expertise.

Possess experience and qualifications in the areas where skills-transfer life coaching is offered.

Manage the relationship with the clients to make sure that they receive the right level of service and that the programs are not too short or too long.

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Useful definitions

The most common thread that is uniting all types of mentoring and coaching is that both offer a vehicle for reflection, action and analysis that enable the clients to achieve their goals in one or more areas of their work or life in general.

Coaching is a process that allows development and learning to occur so that performance will improve. To be a successful life coach requires an understanding and knowledge of all the process involved as well as different kinds of skills, techniques and styles that are needed for life coaching to take place. Mentoring is an off-line help from one person to another to make a significant transfer of knowledge, thinking or work.

The difference between mentoring and coaching

As you can see above, there are a lot of similarities between coaching and mentoring. Mentoring, in its conventional sense, makes sure that the individual will follow in the path of a wiser and older colleague who can eventually pass on their experience and knowledge and open the door to difficult-to-reach goals and opportunities.

Life coaching, on the other hand, is not performed on the basis that the life coach has direct experience of their customer or the client’s occupational roll not unless coaching is skills focused and specific. Some firms or professionals offer their services under the name of life mentoring who have no actual experience in their client’s roles.

Other professionals provide services under the name of life coaches that have the necessary expertise in this industry. The moral of the story is that it is essential to know what you need and to make sure that the life coach or mentor can provide the level and type of service that the clients need.

Business mentoring and life coaching

Changes and organizational development brought upon by mergers as well as acquisition and the need to provide employees with necessary support through a change in career or roles are sometimes the catalysts that inspire the organization to hire life coaches and mentors.

Life coaching and mentoring can enhance motivation, productivity and morale of individuals and reduce employee turnover as they feel valued and connected with small and large company changes, internal coaches and mentors can provide the role, or the organization can hire a professional agency.


Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke