Keeping your skip hire costs to a minimum

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Have you decided to make a start on your home renovation or clear out? If so, you’re likely to be looking for an affordable solution for disposing of the waste that is generated and what better way to get rid of unwanted items than to hire a skip?

Hiring a skip will allow you to remove waste quickly and easily and is guaranteed to suit your budget requirements. Skip hire is often seen to be the best option when it comes to clearing waste- no matter how big or small that your project may be!

Although skip hire is seemingly straightforward, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of if you’re to keep your costs low.

Book in advance

Leyland Skip Hire is your go-to provider of Skip Hire Leyland and various other locations across the North West, so when it comes to hiring a skip for your domestic or commercial project, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

To avoid disappointment, it’s always better to book Skip Hire Leyland in advance. Leaving Skip Hire Leyland to the last minute will only work out expensive and you’ll end up paying more for a skip.

Order the right size skip

Consider how much waste your project will generate and choose a skip according to this. Leyland Skip Hire specialise in Skip Hire Chorley, considering no project to be too big or too small, so no matter how much space you need to store rubbish, you’re bound to discover a suitable skip.

Leyland Skips have a complete range of domestic and commercial skips available for Skip hire Chorley, however, it’s recommended that you don’t go for a smaller skip just to save a few pounds!Instead of ordering a small skip and cramming all of your waste in, it can often work out more affordable to purchase a skip that’s slightly bigger than you need as this will prevent the need to order a second skip.

The skips provided for Skip Hire Chorley are designed to suit all projects. If you’re unsure which size you need, think about the following:

Domestic Skip Hire

  • Mini Skips

If you’re looking for Skip Hire Bolton for small jobs, you cannot beat the mini skips that Leyland Skips provide. The mini skips can store up to 20 bin bags of waste and are surprisingly spacious. The 2-yard skips are suitable for 2 tonnes of soil and hardcore, making them ideal for domestic projects.

  • Midi Skips

Whether you’re in need of a skip for your bathroom refit or kitchen refurbishment, the midi skips are ideal. Midi skips are guaranteed to store the waste from your small clear out and offer sufficient storage space for up to 25-35 bin bags of rubbish.

  • Maxi Skips

Skip Hire Bolton is also provided for larger clear outs, storing 50-60 bin bags of waste safely. Generally, the 8-yard skips are used to store waste materials that are generated from garden projects because they incorporate a drop door that enables you to load them with ease (essentially keeping the mess to a minimum).

  • Open Skips

The open skips for Skip Hire Bolton are perfect for great volumes of waste but are only suitable for lightweight materials. Open skips like the 12-yard skips and 16-yard skips provide space in abundance, offering suitability for 100-140 bin bags of rubbish.

Commercial/Industrial Skip Hire

  • Roll on Roll off Skips

The RoRo skips supplied by Leyland Skips are the go-to skips for commercial and industrial projects. Unlike other skips, these are charged according to weight, providing you with an affordable solution for disposing of the waste that your project generates. Choose a RoRo skip if you need to store 160-360 bin bags of waste!

Acquire road permits

Once you have selected the right sized skip, you then need to think about where the skip will be stored overnight.

With domestic Skip Hire Preston, skips can be stored on your driveway or in your garden. If you have the space to do so, it’s better to store the skip on your private property, not only making it easier for you to dispose of waste items but preventing you from needing a permit for your Skip Hire Preston.

If space is limited, your skip will need to be left on the road and any skips that are left on the road require permission from the local council (who issue the permits for skip hire).

The price of a skip hire permit is dependent on various factors, including the type of project that you’re undertaking and the size of the skip, as well as the location and your local council.

To make Skip Hire Preston more convenient for you, Leyland Skip Hire can obtain the permit on your behalf, saving you the time and effort and allowing you to concentrate your efforts on completing your project sooner.

Keep restricted items out

Another service that is guaranteed to save you money is Skip Hire Wigan. Leyland Skips offer skip hire to customers based in Wigan, accommodating all volumes and types of waste.

There is seemingly a misconception surrounding what can and cannot be thrown in skips, with many people throwing everything/anything inside their skips. Taking no notice of skip hire regulations won’t help you to keep your costs down, in fact, you can end up being charged for not disposing of waste in the correct manner!

If you’re to get the most out of your Skip Hire Wigan, you’re going to need to keep the following items out of your skip:

  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Electricals
  • Oils
  • Fridges/freezers
  • Mattresses
  • Clinical waste
  • Food waste
  • Plasterboard
  • Paint

Save space inside your skip

If you’re looking to utilise the space inside your skip, there is a number of ways that you can do so; including recyclingmaterials that you no longer want or need.

Take the time to sort through any junk; identify which items are considered to be waste, which are reusable and which can be recycled. Any recyclable items can be taken to the recycling centre where they will be disposed of sustainably.

To make sure that you keep your Skip Hire Wigan costs to a minimum, try to reuse as much as possible. Donating unwanted items to your local charity shop is an ideal way to save space inside your skip but can also allow others to get use out of the items that you no longer require.

Another way to make the most of the space that you have in your skip, try to break up items, this will enable you to squeeze more inside, without exceeding the maximum fill level!

Leyland Skip Hire can help you to minimise your skip hire costs, so be sure to discuss your needs in detail with them today by calling 01772957509!

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke