Keep your office tidy with a PVC conduit pipe

Ever notice how there’s quite literally no escaping cable spaghetti in the office? Well… worry no more!

The team at Flex-It will be more than happy to eliminate the tangles in the office and provide you with a tidy workspace, making things much easier for you. In the office, the cables tend not to be a priority when compared to the importance of profitability, customer service and security, hence why it’s always pushed to one side.

But not today. Keeping the office tidy needn’t be a chore, once you hear how Flex It can help, you’ll never look back!

Improve productivity.

You want to get the best out of your workforce, don’t you? So, why have you allowed the wires to get so matted and tangled?

Untidy cables can cause more of a hindrance than anything else in the office, they make it difficult to move with ease and can be a nuisance for those who have insufficient space to work.

If a desk is clean and organised, your workforce will be more inclined to work efficiently.

Protect equipment.

Flex It can protect every aspect within the office by supplying a flexible conduit. The PVC flexible conduit can help you to keep everything safe and in one place, rather than spread across the entire office!

Tangles cause equipment to become damaged, especially if the wrong wires are unplugged. Not using a conduit will make it difficult to distinguish what’s what and what goes where so choosing the PVC flexible conduit is a seemingly promising idea!

Health and Safety.

To prevent any hazards from occurring in the office, you should use the PVC spiral conduit from Flex It. It’s manufactured to offer flexibility and is ideal for various applications.

If you leave your cables confused, before you know it, someone will get their foot wrapped up in the wires and be sent flying across the office. Rather than causing injury to colleagues, you could use a flexible conduit to make the office more compliant with health and safety legislations.

Be organised.

An office is prone to wires and cables, it’s inevitable, but is it necessary to have them displayed so untidily? Flex It is your go-to flexible conduit provider, offering a reliable service to accompany dependable products.

It’s time to get organised… before it’s too late and somebody gets hurt! Not only is tidying cables essential for maintaining a safe working environment, it’s ideal for organisational purposes. In the past where you have not been able to put your finger on where you last put an important document or piece of equipment, no longer be an issue- not with Flex Its PVC spiral conduit and PVC flexible conduit!

A flexible conduit can keep your wires together tidily, making the office tidier and organised. The use of flexible conduit systems assists with navigation too, you can easily find which cables lead where, so should you have to unplug ant electricals or other appliances, it’s much easier and efficient!

Reputable supplier.

Flex It is a reputable supplier of flexible conduit, so if you’re looking to tidy up your office, you can’t go wrong with the flexible conduit they have to offer!

The HS Series is a split Nylon Polyamide which makes the reinsertion of cables, quick and easy. The benefit to this product, in particular, is that it’s been designed to be hard wearing and offer lasting quality.

Other products available include the RS Series or the Split LSOH Polypropylene. This is a split corrugated polypropylene conduit which offers high levels of flexibility and strength, making it a suitable option for cable tidying!

Don’t leave your office in a mess, choose Flex It today!

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Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer