Improve The Quality Of Your Business: A Guide To An Environmental Chamber


Everyone cannot deny that many things would not exist today and contribute to the daily routine and life conveniences of anyone without an environment chamber. The moment an environmental chamber came to life, many things changed, especially the quality and reliability of products.

Manufacturers from various industries no longer need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for a failed product. You know that before they proceed with the mass production, they will outsource reliability test services, which are done inside an environmental chamber.

What Exactly Is An Environmental Chamber?

An environmental chamber is not just pieces of metal, screws, and other hardware. It is a machine used by the research and development department of various companies that sell products to customers.



Even though the existence of an environmental chamber is relatively new (invented in 1951 by Charles Conrad), it made everything better for the best of everyone. Note that before any product can be found and become available in the market nowadays, it will go through high-temperature reverse bias (HTRB). HTRB is a test system of an environmental chamber to check the stability of a product once it becomes exposed to high temperatures.

To further convince you about the importance of an environmental chamber in the manufacturing and production process, guarantee to read part I. It contains several reasons why it is vital, including the benefits that businesses can gain from this machine.

Part I: Importance Of An Environmental Chamber

No matter how advanced technologies are in the world, creating something new is always challenging. Besides trying the product,yourself and asking others to do a trial test, manufacturers still need to conduct a quality and reliability test.

The good thing is that an environmental chamber is now available. This machine can make things a lot easier. Here are the benefits that businesses can gain from using an environmental chamber.

1. Build Good Rapport To Customers

Since the temperature and humidity of an environment change depending on where you are, manufacturers need to know up to what temperature a product will last before the quality and effectiveness ruins. Knowing the data, they can give out this information to their customers. It will help them become aware of where they should store their products so they will not spoil.

2. Improve Product Quality

Another benefit that businesses can gain from using an environmental chamber is that it can help them improve product quality. They can use the data they will gather to think of better plans on how they can improve it so they can provide better quality to their customers.

3. Prolong Lifespan Of the Product

Have you ever noticed how manufacturers predict the expiration of a product? By conducting a quality and reliability test inside an environmental chamber, they can quicken the time and check up until when a product becomes unusable.

Depending on the results, manufacturers can improve the quality of their products by prolonging their product from six months to a year or two. They can only achieve this, however, after conducting several trials and errors.

If you came to love and want to invest in an environmental chamber, the next part is about the factors you need to consider. It will help you choose the right one for your business.

Part II: How To Choose An Environmental Chamber

Even though you can find several environmental chambers in the market, you need to be smart with your purchases since counterfeit parts and machines are everywhere. Make sure the shop or the supplier where you will get an environmental chamber is someone trustworthy.


Nevertheless, here are the factors to consider when choosing an environmental chamber.

1. Identify The Required Test

The type of environment chamber you need depends on the type of test you will conduct for a product. If you want to know how much it can last long under a hot temperature, you need to get the one with the HTRB test system. It will expose the product to an extreme temperature, which you will have to add as part of the label and packaging of the product so customers will know what to do.

2. Choose The Right Dimension

Besides the type of test an environment chamber can perform, you should also choose the right size. Since you will be using it to conduct quality and reliability tests for your product, you need to ensure it will fit perfectly inside, whether in a vertical or horizontal position.

3. Select The Controller

Besides using a remote control, there is now an environmental chamber that comes with buttons. You only need to click the right combination to conduct the test you want to perform.

You can also choose an environmental chamber that you can access through an industrial computer so you can monitor its progress from a certain distance.

Now that you have general ideas about the factors you need to consider, you are ready to buy the first environmental chamber for your business. Having this will help improve the quality standard of products you sell to your customers.

Conclusion: Be Smart Choosing Your Business’s Environmental Chamber

Since most businesses can benefit from using an environmental chamber, it only makes sense for you to invest in one. Having this machine will help you save up since you no longer have to outsource needs for reliability test services. As long as your employees know how to use it, conducting a test through a burn in the system alone will not be a problem.

Just make sure to choose the right environment chamber for your needs. For example, if your business belongs to the automotive industry and you sell cars for a living, you should get the biggest one where you can fit a vehicle inside to conduct an automotive burn in test.

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Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews