The Importance and Scheduling Techniques Of Production Schedule

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It is very important to have a strategic and immaculately planned program schedule to stay on time and within your budget. It will help you to analyze things on real time basis, take valuable decisions and also follow the quantities produced with proper following of the dates. This schedule is a perfect tool for manufacturing industries where in the company expectations are expressed in specific quantities, configurations and dates. It also includes the production plans, the forecast and all other important considerations and factors that affect the production process.

Different Scheduling Techniques

The production schedule is a comprehensive tool that also includes production backlogs if any, availability of capacity and materials along with the policies and goals of the management. There are different techniques followed in such scheduling and one such is the Finite and Infinite Capacity Scheduling. This is a comprehensive and detailed strategy of scheduling involving the load capacity of the resource against the infinite capacity. The entire order of the product will be strategically placed throughout the available time limit and resources by the finite capacity scheduling ensuring that the order is completed on time without any problems and extra worries.

Backward and Forward Scheduling

This type of production schedule helps in calculating the date of starting for production and the due dates. In backward scheduling the calculation is stared from the due date to find out the start date required to set lead time. The forward scheduling uses the other way round scheduling all the activities to meet the due date. Thesetup will include production, delivery and all factors to consider the order to be complete. Different companies use different methods as both are equally effectiveand it all depends on the immaculate execution of the plan.

Just-In-Time Scheduling

This is another type of scheduling for production planning in which the philosophy of production and manufacturing is entirely based on careful planning and elimination of all wastages. It is also done with the view of improving the production and productivity level on a continual time frame. This type of scheduling is designed with special emphasis on the aspect to ensure that the product is ready and available just in time. In this the inventory is made only as per the requirements and also by shortening the lead time by reducing queue time or setup.

Assistance For Realistic Production Plan

A good and effective production schedule will provide a lot of help and assistance to the scheduler in creating a realistic and more comprehensive production planning process considering all sudden changes that may come during the production. With increase in order quantity, machine break down, change in due date and much more taken into consideration, this is the best tool to maintain steady production.

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Kelle Maurer