How to Maximize Your Cannabis Yields

Cannabis is freely found in nature because it’s a weed, and that’s what weeds do – they multiply. Then, why doesn’t weed grow as fast as wildfire when grown indoors? Many growers are puzzled by this question because they have a hard time growing marijuana on their own. Most people who start out growing cannabis find that their yields aren’t impressive or even satisfactory.

If you’re in the same boat and want to increase your yields, then you’re at the right place. We at The Trimmer Store know nothing if not cannabis, and we’re going to help you maximize your yields this harvest season. We’ll be taking a look at some of the most effective and least time-consuming methods that anyone can use. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a home grower or a professional grower; all of these techniques are applicable to most growing cases. The base rules for growing cannabis are usually the same regardless of the strain that you’re growing or where you’re growing. It doesn’t matter where you are or what seeds you have; we’ll learn how to maximize the yields of your particular plant. So without further ado, let’s get started and put your plant on steroids.

1. Timely Pruning

Pruning the cannabis plants in a timely and regular fashion might be one of the most overlooked ways to maximize growth. Most people don’t prune their plants because they underestimate the effects that pruning has. Pruning involves the removal of parts that are severely damaged or restrict the growth of the entire plant.

The dead and yellowing leaves will unnecessarily suck all of the essential nutrients that your plant needs. Removing them will re-direct the nutrients to the healthier parts of your plant and promote its growth. Similarly, eliminating parts that obstruct light from reaching the rest of the plant will also promote a fuller and healthier growth of the plant.

2. Maximize Lighting

If you ask a child what things a plant needs the most, even they’ll tell you that sunlight is vital to the growth of a plant. If you’re growing indoors, you have the option of increasing your light intensity and duration to promote growth. However, things get a little tricky when it comes to outdoor growing. 

You don’t have the flexibility of controlling the lighting because you’re dependent on the sun. This is why we at the Trimmer Store recommend first-time growers to start small with an indoor setup, as it’s much more granular to control. Without light, cannabis plants can’t photosynthesize properly, and your bud wouldn’t be rich in THC and CBD.

Most people prefer a lighting schedule of 16 hours light – 8 hours dark; however, you can choose to increase the lighting duration even further. A few growers even like to provide 24 hours of light, but that’s not necessary unless you want to squeeze the maximum high out of a single plant.

3. Control the Environmental Conditions

One of the benefits of growing cannabis yourself and not relying on uncontrolled growth is that you can control the environment. The extent to which you can control the environmental conditions depends on whether you’re growing outdoors or indoors. The indoor grower will obviously have much more control, and even the Trimmer Store recommends it over outdoor growing as well.

You can control the humidity and the temperature quite easily, provided you have the correct equipment at your disposal. When the plant is in its vegetative state, you want to keep the temperature between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at approximately 50%. Similarly, when the plant enters its flowering stage, you need to keep the temperature idling between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity below 50% to keep the mold in check. 

Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes