How to Get More Customers to Shop at Your Retail Store

There’s no denying the fact that the retail high street is in trouble. Everywhere you turn, there are doom and gloom stories that talk about the nail in the coffin for retail outlets everywhere. 

Increasingly, consumers are turning their attention to online retail to make their purchases, meaning that stores on the high street and in shopping malls are missing out. 

But how exactly do you go about increasing foot traffic?

Here’s how to get more customers to shop at your retail store. 

Focus On Creating Retail Theater 

There’s a huge point of difference between shopping online and shopping in a brick-and-mortar store and that’s the fact that in a traditional store you can really engage with your customer and take them on an experiential journey. 

One of the ways that you can do this is through the use of retail theater. Merchandise your products in a way that shows them in action. Wherever possible, demonstrate a product, show it in use, or let the customer try it. 

Appealing to all of the senses is another great way of making your brand stand out on the high street. 

Use Outdoor Signage

If nobody knows your store is there, how are they ever going to find you? One of the best ways of growing a business and bringing people through your doors is to use outdoor business signage

Using signage in prominent places that will alert passers-by to the existence of your store will help guide footfall through your doors. 

Use Click and Collect 

If you can’t beat them, join them. Open up an online version of your store and offer a click and collect service as a quick and easy way of saving your customer money on shipping. 

Then, when the customer comes into the store, use this as an opportunity to dazzle them with one of the best retail stores out there and convert this footfall into a sale. 

Focus On Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

People crave human interaction, and one of the ways that you can boost footfall in your store is by developing a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. 

Start delivering great service the moment someone enters your store. By greeting them and engaging them in conversation straight away, you’ll make them feel very welcome. 

Be as helpful as possible, but avoid being pushy. Enthusiastically suggesting products is a great way of introducing your customer to new things. 

When talking to your customer, get to know their needs and deliver service that is tailored to meet these. 

How to Get More Customers

To attract new customers into your store, focus on the things that make shopping in a store different from online retail and develop these things. 

Now that you know how to get more customers through the door, it’s time to put these business tips to good use and start converting footfall into sales. 

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise