How to Create an Impact with Seamless Fabric Graphics

There is no doubt that standing out during an exhibition can be the key to attracting customers and enjoying a successful sales campaign. Unfortunately, traditional methods such as stand-alone banners and A1 posters will hardly suffice in this day and age. This is why a growing number of customers are now employing what is sometimes referred to as a “shell scheme”. This seamless form of graphic advertising is great at grabbing the attention of onlookers and promoting a specific product or service. However, we still need to appreciate that there are a number of options within this design and it is a good idea to take a look at three popular choices in a bit more detail.

Pre-Formed Tension Banners

This first option involves the use of a grooved tension system to provide support to the graphic banner in question. The grooves on the boundaries of these walls provide stability and the user can simply slide the banner through. Its aluminium frame is both lightweight and sturdy; two excellent characteristics in terms of easy transport and assembly. These are some of the reasons why pre-formed aluminium tension banners are often used for walk-in displays (such as those seen at trade fairs and exhibitions).Image result for How to Create an Impact with Seamless Fabric Graphics

Tension Fabric Frames

As the name suggests, tensions fabric display frames are used to mount digital fabric displays within their perimeter. These are often employed when graphics need to be hung directly from a shell scheme display. Tension fabric frames are also rather universal in terms of the dimensions that they can support. In fact, the only real limitation tends to be the size of the print bed of the graphics themselves. These frames can be quickly assembled and due to their modularity, transportation will normally not pose any problems.

LED Light Boxes

Light-emitting diodes mounted upon sturdy aluminium frames are becoming increasingly beneficial options to consider. Not only will LED light boxes draw a great deal of attention to a product, but they can also provide a sense of depth not often possible with more traditional options. They can act as stand-alone systems or be incorporated within an existing shell scheme. Naturally, a number of different sizes are available to accommodate the most common dimensions of the shell display. It is also possible to request bespoke lengths to meet exacting specifications. Modular in design, they are able to expand and contract when necessary. This flexibility is then combined with an energy-efficient platform; ideal when budgetary concerns are present. Easy plug-in connections, optimal light diffusion, study base plates and high-power LED fixtures are all advantages when selecting this option.

These are three of the most common shell schemes currently available. Able to provide an eye-catching edge within the modern world of advertising, it is easy to appreciate why they have become so very popular. As each can be designed to meet the needs of the client, there are very few projects which these modular systems cannot handle. Please speak with one of our representatives to learn more.

Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo