How To Buy A Pressure Tank?

Even though the pressure tank concept has been around for more than 500 years, it still offers many homes and businesses a lot of conveniences. After all, when the public water supply or private well has low water pressure, a pressure tank can help resolve the problem.

Remember that when your home has low water pressure, you might not enjoy your shower because the water from the shower head is insufficient to rinse the shampoo off your head. In that case, consider getting your home a pressure tank.

1. Mind The Number Of Family Members

If your home already has low water pressure, fewer drops of water will come from the plumbing fixtures when everyone is using them. You cannot wash the dishes, your spouse cannot use the bidet, and your kids cannot bathe their pet.

With that water usage, the bigger the pressure tank you should get so there will be enough water supply for everyone.

2. Determine The Number Of Plumbing Fixtures

Besides the number of family members, how many plumbing fixtures you have at home also matters. Although no one is using them all at once, there is still a water flow.

If you cannot do the maths, most pressure tank manufacturers include these details when buying a pressure tank from them. They often inform their buyers to satisfy their needs.

3. Take Note Of The Water Pressure Level

The water pressure level states how much water pressure flows through the pipes to the plumbing fixtures, whether used or not. To know your home’s exact water pressure level, consider using all the plumbing fixtures and check the water metre.

If you cannot read it, you may ask for assistance from your water provider.

4. Think About The Noise Level

Since a pressure tank puts enough pressure to improve the water flow to the pipes and plumbing fixtures, you can expect it will produce some noise when used. Some have louder hissing sounds than others, but newer models are considered quieter.

5. Access Energy Consumption

Every pressure tank consumes energy differently. Remember that the bigger the pressure tank, the more energy consumption is since it puts more pressure.

Are You Ready To Find The Pressure Tank You Need?

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Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo