How Can You Save Your Security Cameras From Getting Hacked?

Cyber-snooping has been a major security concern that has been on a rise despite companies have been coming up with advanced cameras with a better security system. However, consumers are at the receiving end with dvr hacked because they leave their system vulnerable against online security breaches. So, no matter how advanced your security system is, as long as you cannot guard your dvr, it’s quite likely that you’ll be exposed to the dangers of hacking.

Is It Possible To Identify A Hacked Camera?

A hacked camera does give out signals that are different from the sober ones. You must educate yourself to catch those signals and act accordingly. The most common signs that cameras corrupted with viruses and malware radiate are given below.

  • A faulty and compromised dvr security system has missing footage. The blank feed may also show the presence of sharp spikes and emit weird noises. If you notice any such thing, you are certainly being watched and your data is/might be stolen.
  • The easiest way to identify a hacked webcam is by observing its LED light. If you observe that the light keeps blinking intermittently despite the device isn’t being manually operated, the webcam has certainly been hacked and is being used to keep an eye on you.

Can Cyber Attacks Be Prevented?

Preventing cyber attacks is possible by staying alert and following the safety guidelines, listed below, as given by security experts.

  • Changing default admin password to a new and strong one keeps your backward gateway immune against forced entry. As long as the hackers don’t decode the backdoor password, it’s impossible to get in your system
  • Hacking a system requires skills. And some brains are sharper than you expect. Thus, having an additional layer of firewall protection, in case the password gets compromised, is a smart move.
  • Another way of gaining access to your DVRs hard drive is by sending out emails with virus attachments. Thus, always have an antivirus system installed. Do not click open the phishing emails if flagged suspicious by your antivirus.
  • It’s a good idea to keep your camera’s software updated. Thus, install the updates provided by the manufacturers from time to time. Updated software are better versions of the previous ones since developers fix all bugs, if detected, in the previous versions and make the software even stronger with newer and better security features.

Following these simple rules will keep your surveillance system safe from the threat of online hacking.

Virginia Canales

Virginia Canales