A Guide to Communication Equipment for Police and Emergency Vehicles in Edmonton

Radio frequency (RF) equipment is now used in most emergency and police vehicles. Reliable RF communication equipment can be obtained from reputable Edmonton radio rental companies. This equipment has a major advantage over telephone lines because it has the capacity to help you communicate over large distances even through various kinds of obstacles. They can also be used to communicate with a limitless number of users. The following are examples of various kinds of RF communication equipment used in law enforcement vehicles.

Portable Radios

Portable radios are lightweight small handheld communication units that have a receiver and a transmitter. The models that are used in police vehicles also have a self-contained mic and speaker, a rechargeable battery and an antenna. Examples of portable radios, such as the popular walkie-talkie, usually have transmitters that do not use more than 5W of power. Their batteries may be charged by connecting them to a USB port on the dashboard of the car. Other portable low-powered transceivers that have power output of about 0.1W are usually connected to portable repeaters to extend their range and operate with other high powered radio systems.

Mobile Radios

Mobile radios are bigger than portable radios. They are designed for mounting on fixed locations in police vehicles and fire trucks. Like portable radios, this type of radio has an internal speaker, transmitter and receiver. But mobile radios will connect directly to the vehicle’s power supply so they can support a greater transmitter output of about 50 W through an external antenna. Microphones that come with mobile radios are handheld and they may have an external speaker. Due to their increased transmitter power, they offer a wider communication range than portable radios that do not have a repeater.

Receivers that come with mobile radios offer greater sensitivity than those in portable radios because they are bigger and stronger. These mobile radios are mainly used in police vehicles  in Edmonton where the driver remains in the vehicle throughout the operation and does not need to leave the car at any time.

Fixed Station Radios

Fixed station radios, also called base station radios contain a transmitter and receiver. The radio is powered by connecting it to an external power source. The system is also connected to an antenna installed several hundred feet away, usually on top of a tower. Due to their power source, these transmitters come with greater power than the mobile and portable radio models and offer a power output in the hundred watts range. Fixed base stations also have more sensitive receivers. The microphones may be desktop or handheld models and speakers are usually external to the radio.


A repeater is a specially designed radio that is used to provide a wider coverage area for portable, mobile or fixed station radios that are not equipped to communicate with each other. The transmitters of repeaters provided by Edmonton radio rental companies are tuned to the same frequency used by the mobile or portable radio’s receiver. Similarly, the receiver is tuned to the same frequency of the mobile or portable radio’s transmitter.

Those are the main types of radio communication equipment installed in police vehicles by Edmonton radio rental service providers. This radio frequency equipment is usually backed by warranties and 24-hour after-sales support.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise