Getting Connected: 5 Important Steps To Creating an Email Address

In 2020 300.4 billion emails were sent and received every day. Do you want to add to that total? 

It is never too late to join the world of email. Creating an email address opens up many opportunities. Whether you need one for your business, work, or personal use, the email will be unique to you. 

It may seem overwhelming, but with some guidance, you will be up and running before you know it. Keep reading to learn the essential steps you need to take. 

Pick an Account 

There are lots of different platforms for email addresses. The best type of email is webmail because you can access it off any device with the internet. Common webmails include Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook service.

Avoid email addresses provided by internet providers. You might have trouble accessing the account if you switch providers in the future. 

If you had an email previously but have not used it for a long time, it is inactive. There are informative posts to learn more about how to reactive old email addresses. 

Decide on Your Email Address

The standard format when creating email addresses is For example, an email could be 

However, by 2023 experts predict over 4.3 billion email users worldwide. So it is common for names to have already been taken!

You may have to add a series of numbers or edit your name slightly. Whatever you choose, make sure it is as identifiable as you, and remember people will be able to see the address.

If you are making email addresses for business, you also can create a custom email address. You need a domain name for this (e.g., A custom email means your domain name will replace the host, such as

Open the Account

Now you are all set to open the account! Creating an email address takes minutes. Usually, you go to the provider you want. Then you will see a button that says ‘create an account.’ 

If there is the option, set up two-factor authentication to keep your email as secure as possible. Be sure to pick a secure password you will remember. And take note of your answers for any password recovery options!  

Learn the Interface 

Once you log on, take time to familiarise yourself with the platform. Check you can sign in on different devices so everything is connected. You will also need to decide if you want notifications for new emails.

Create folders to arrange emails, and make sure to read up on email scams to avoid phishing crime. Your email host will recognize some emails as spam (rubbish), but some sneak through. You can even sync your calendar with your email account, so everything is organized! 

Send an Email

And the final crucial step is, of course, to send an email! Pick a family member or friend to be your first recipient. Usually, there is a ‘create new’ button to start the email. 

Start Creating an Email Address Today! 

Now you know the most important steps for creating an email address today. Consider the steps and pick the best email for you. And be kind to yourself. It takes practice to get used to email.  Do you need more help with technology? Please read our other helpful blog posts! 

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke