Sometimes, it will be in your best interests to choose a forklift rental or buy used forklifts for sale. While this might not seem like a common occurrence, there are truly a number of instances that could warrant a forklift rental (at least, for a short while) over actually buying one (that might come later on down the road). If you fit in to one of the below scenarios, you really should consider forklift rentals.

Business Startups

If you have just started a business, it is unlikely that you will be able to afford brand new or even used equipment right off the bat. In such situations, it is definitely better to opt for a forklift rental until you start to make enough money to go out and purchase your own. Your business can benefit from a Vancouver forklift service that offers rentals.


Contractors often have to move around from one site to another during the course of their work, which makes taking the required equipment with them difficult if not downright impossible. With forklift rentals, however, the equipment can be dropped off where you need it and when you want it.


There are a number of farmers who will find themselves in need of a forklift during specific seasons of the year. In this situation, it is unlikely that buying the equipment is going to be a practical option (especially if you have to find storage space for it). Renting a forklift only when you need it is a good idea.

Additional Equipment

Maybe your workplace has hit a busy spot; this will often call for extra forklifts to cope with the additional workload. Instead of buying them, however, you should rent them. This means that the forklifts will only be there as long as they are needed, not a day longer.


If you are not really sure whether you can afford to buy all of the equipment that your workplace needs, you should consider forklift rentals in Vancouver as the solution. When done on a short term basis, this can really help to save you a lot of money. You cannot compare the money required for a forklift rental with what you will need to buy new or used equipment.

It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with choosing forklift rentals over purchasing the equipment outright. As seen in the above list, there are actually several scenarios that would benefit from renting a forklift, especially if you only need it for a couple of days or if you are trying to save some money. Just make sure that you choose a rental that suits your needs entirely and you will reap the benefits in many ways.

However, it is important to rent the equipment from a reliable Vancouver forklift service. Take some time and research different service providers to get a dependable one. Some of the things to consider when comparing different services include experience, licensing and insurance. You should also ensure that the forklift service you choose offers quality equipment at reasonable prices.