First Time Renting for Your Business? Top Tips for Commercial Tenants

Top Tips For First Time Commercial Tenants

Being a first-time tenant can increase your pulse and keep you worried most times as you try to not miss anything or make a wrong move. Well, there is always a first time for everything and this should not be one of those life steps that give you jitters and endless butterflies. Setting out to expand your business will require you to look for commercial space that is suitable for the running of the business. As the real estate venture grows, so does the number of properties available for clients to let. You will need to do exhaustive research and lots of inquiries here and there so as to find a property that suits your business best. However, patience is a virtue that you will need to cultivate during those whole time as incredible property with favourable renting conditions does not come by easily. Here are tips to finding a suitable commercial property to let for the first time.

Grasp the leasing and renting laws

There are very many changes that have been made over the years to the laws that govern the operations of landlords and the terms of tenancy. So much conflict was there between tenants and property owners there before as the agreement they made was purely based on what each of the parties felt was suitable for them. The government came to the rescue sometime back and set laws that are to be followed strictly during tenancy agreements. Get a copy of these policies from the commercial property portal and go through them clause by clause. This goes a long way in giving you a say when commercial property owners decide to get cunning and also to tame yourself.


Renting for the first time needs proper prior planning especially with finances. Depending on the success level you have managed to reach with your business, it is very important that you sit down with a financial expert and look into the effect that renting commercial properties will have on your business overtime to get a clear sense of direction. Depending on the location of the commercial space you are looking to rent, the cost of rent will vary. Properties on prime land or locations will cost you more compared to commercial space in a town that is trying to grow.

It is wise to look into your financial ability based on the profits that you get from the business and establish how much you are willing to spend to make more. Since it is your first time, consider taking it slow at first, to give room for a bigger move once things get better with the new location.

Rental agreement

These days, becoming a tenant is a full-time contract nowadays and you need to read the contract or tenancy agreement presented before you scribble your signature on those papers. There are some conditions that come with becoming a tenant at a certain place and it is imperative that you establish if they are suitable for business. You need to go for commercial properties that have tenancy agreements that suite your operations all day any day.


This is one factor that you cannot miss putting into consideration no matter how many times you have moved to a need commercial property before. There are things that you need to look into when it comes to location;

· Ease of access to the property

· Proximity to the target market

· Proximity to competition

If you can afford to pay for commercial property in the central business district, then it would be the best location for you. Do research on your market, your competitors and also how easy it is to access the building where the commercial space is for your clients and transportation team.

Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen