Finding the best Accounting Software for Accountants

Finding accounting software for your business will not be difficult; however, finding the right software could prove a little trickier. Poorly thought through generic software will invariably fall well short of your companies accounting requirements.

Finding the best accounting software for your accounts will require more than a modicum of research.

By way of a good business model I shall refer, at times, to the online company, BTCSoftware. They set the bench mark for excellence in all things ‘software’.

Finding the right software company for your business.

Here are a few pointers; find an online companythat:

  • Has a clear, well defined mission statement of intent and purpose.

A mission statement demonstrate a company’s clarity of vision, their professionalism and their pledge to each and every customer. (See an example at BTCSoftware).

  • Is well-established with a strong client base.

New companies pop up all over the internet; just be wary, there’s no substitute for experience.

  • Has a host of positive testimonials.

The testament of other businesses is always very reassuring and should take pride of place on any company’s website

  • Has a professionally presented website.

A website has become the ‘new’ shop window for virtually all successful and competent companies. A software website should be informative, showing and describing examples of their company’s work. The site should be clearly laid out and easy to navigate. First impressions count.

  • Has a team of experts who will offer sound on-going support and advice.

Check out their CV’s, have a chat, ask questions. You’ll soon get a feel for the company’s structure and policies.

  • Will analyse your business model, listen to requirements, and advise before creating or modifying software to suit your precise business requirements.

Generic software will be available but it may need to be tweaked, customised, to accommodate particular, or even peculiar, business functions. Ensure that you give the software company a detailed overview of your company’s accounting requirements.

Software will need to be compatible with tax requirements etc. Your accountant can advise as to anything he or she may think is relevant.

  • Will have security and back-up systems installed to prevent breeches or crashes!

Find out exactly how the software is presented, how it is monitored, updated and … how and who can access your business information. Remember, you may need to reassure your customers that all their personal data is secure.

  • Offers on-line chat to help with any problems or queries.

Find out exactly what technical support you are entitled. How does it work? What are the restrictions? Be inquisitive; although a good, experienced, company will have most of the answers before the questions are asked.

  • Is upfront with all costs.

This will include on-going year by year costs; which should be clearly defined in a contract. Be wary of extremely low initial costs, you may get burned on the annual renewal fees!

Read the contract carefully, get your supplier to explain any points you may find ambiguous or unclear. If you’re still unsure, get it checked out by a specialist lawyer.

  • Will allow you to sample the software

Many companies are reluctant, however BTCSoftware do offer a free 15 day trial of their software.

Any company confident enough to do this is a company confident in their own workmanship.

In conclusion

Find a company that offers quality, efficient and easy to operate software for your accounting purposes. Look for good back-up, ongoing technical support and of course value for money.

BTCSoftware ticks all the boxes!

Click here for further information.

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