Everything You Need to Know About Self Dumping Hoppers

Do you run a manufacturing or industrial facility, with lots of materials, waste, and scrap generated on a daily basis? Or do you manage construction sites, where waste removal becomes a big job?

Then you need to find ways of making your waste and scrap management more efficient. By using self dumping hoppers, you can easily take care of waste, scraps, and excess materials without wasting your employee’s time.

They are the easiest way to transport waste to large dumpsters, and they are much safer to use than other types of hopper or trash collection systems.

Wondering how self dumping steel hoppers work, and what the uses for self dumping hoppers are? Keep reading to find out why you need one right away. 

What Is a Self Dumping Hopper?

Hoppers are used on job sites, industrial facilities, warehouses, and any other site where there are lots of waste or scrap materials generated. They are essentially portable dumpsters that can be moved with a forklift.

This gives you the option to move them around your facility and place them in the most convenient locations for your team. This can save them from having to walk to larger dumpsters across the job site to dispose of waste. 

But self dumping hoppers are even more helpful. These hoppers have a large button on the front of them. When a forklift lifts up a self dumping hopper, it can carry it to your larger dumpster and press it against the large dumpster.

Once the button of the hopper is compressed by the dumpster, the hopper automatically rotates, dumping the contents into the larger dumpster.

It’s a much more efficient system of transporting waste and moving it into larger dumpsters.

Benefits of Self Dumping Hoppers

Having hoppers placed around your facility allows your team to dispose of waste in a more convenient manner. Otherwise, they may have to frequently carry waste all the way across the facility to a larger dumpster. This can waste a lot of time, ruin productivity, and cost your company money.

And self dumping hoppers save time for your forklift operators. All they have to do is lift the hopper, maneuver it to the larger dumpster, and carefully move it towards the dumpster to have the contents transferred.

This prevents them from having to disembark from the forklift in order to manually dump the contents of the hopper. As such, this method is also safer, as it reduces the risk of injury associated with older, manual hoppers. 

Self dumping hoppers capacity typically ranges from a weight capacity of 750 lbs to 1,500 lbs. Self dumping hoppers cost ranges from $1,000 to $2,000. 

These are a rather affordable way to boost efficiency in the workplace, saving time and money on a daily basis. 

Self Dumping Hoppers Near Me

Ready to improve the workflow of your team? Invest in self dumping hoppers today to make your job site easier to manage.

You can find self dumping hoppers online, or you can visit a local industrial supplier to see what selection they have available.

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Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer