There are several concerns with regards to climate change currently. Focus at present is doing what we can as a population to reduce the impact our lifestyle choices have on our environment.

Packing waste has come into the spotlight in recent years; the main issue is plastics and its lack of ability to break down efficiently. Unfortunately, the problems we now face is the dire impacts on sea life, as plastics are clogging up our oceans, and it’s unsustainable to use landfills when a product takes 100’s of years to break down.

This is why Biodegradable packaging has never been as significant as it is right now!

Let’s take a look at the environmental benefits of switching to Biodegradable packaging products:

  • Plant-based products- Generally Biodegradable products are made from plant-based products such as sugarcane; this enables the natural process of breaking down to happen much more quickly and far more efficiently than petroleum-based plastics.
  • Renewable sources- They are made from renewable sources, and the waste (after processing and adding certain materials) can be used to make other natural resources, such as compost. This, in turn, encourages a greener planet with fewer chemicals (such as pesticides and fertilisers) used to promote plant growth and nutrient retention.
  • Fuel efficient- On average, it takes 65% less energy to manufacture.
  • Less pollution- On average it’s around 68% less impact on greenhouse gasses and due to its ability to break down naturally, it won’t be causing toxic chemicals such as leachate that’s poisonous to our waters and can off-gas into the Air.
  • Chemical-free- a cleaner product that not only benefits our environment but also ideal for consumers who are sensitive to allergens because many are non-toxic and allergen-free!
  • Business benefits – Opens new doors to a new supply chain, thus promote good values. With a changing society (with how we think and live!) this can only be a good thing for the future of any business. Switching to eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging products expands brand recognition and builds loyalty with an increasing number of environmentally aware consumers.