When we compare the energy consumption of a home with a business, regardless of size, we see a significant difference in values. In the scenario where the country finds itself with increasingly higher tariffs, finding ways to reduce costs on your electricity bill and save is a priority! Thinking about the practice of actions that contribute to reducing your electricity bill is very important, both from an economic and environmental point of view. Here are ways to save energy:

Paint The Environment With Lighter Colors

In offices, lighting can be responsible for approximately 60% of energy consumption. We all know that it is very difficult to eliminate light bulbs, but you can make better use of both artificial and natural light with a few tips. One of the most popular alternatives is to paint the environments with lighter colors, reflecting and spreading the light better throughout the company. Another very valid option is to reduce the number of partitions that may make it difficult for the light to diffuse or try to install lower partitions. Using lighter furniture can also help.

Distribution Of Lamps And Luminaires

For this tip, it is best to enlist the help of a professional like e360 Power for example specializing in lighting projects. It is essential to know if the lamps and luminaires are arranged in the best way in your environment. This can depend on space to space or business to business. The most recommended thing is that they are well distributed, allowing uniform and coherent lighting.

Replace Your Light Bulbs With More Economical Models

If you doubt which type of lighting to use, LED bulbs should be at the top of your list. And it shouldn’t be any different, as they are excellent value for money. LED lamps have lower energy consumption and are much more efficient when compared to other types of lamps. However, before replacing all your bulbs with LED bulbs, it is essential to understand the differences between bulbs and choose the right type for your environment.

Turn Off Lights And Appliances When Leaving

This is a super simple and well-known way to save energy, but it should always be remembered. Whenever possible, turn off the lights and look for all appliances; if possible, unplug them. Nowadays, several technological solutions help us not forget to put these actions into practice. Devices such as presence sensors, dimmers, and timers are some solutions. In addition, even automation systems can be used. With just one command, it is possible to control these functions directly from your company, as well as long-term savings can provide even more comfort and security.

Escape From Peak Energy Consumption

The peak of energy consumption occurs approximately between 17:00 and 22:00; this is when the country reaches the highest level of energy expenditure. This peak happens because it is the period when people go home and perform activities that may have a high energy consumption; in addition to many factories that work 24 hours a day, at these times, the tariffs tend to have a higher price. If it is appropriate and flexible for your company, adapting your opening hours or that of some employees can be an alternative to save electricity in the company and consequently reduce expenses.

The Computers

Computers have modes like shutting down, hibernating or suspending the computer. And do you know the best option of these four? The best thing is, whenever possible, to completely turn off the computer. However, this option can often be considered “laborious,” as we have to open all the tabs and browsers from scratch. To save energy in a company that uses computers, one of the solutions is the “hibernate” mode, as it saves your work and keeps everything open, such as tabs or internet pages, but the computer is turned off. It takes a little more time to wake up the device again than when using suspend mode. However, you can save even more electricity by hibernating your computer.