Edmonton, Alberta Registry Services

Whether you are purchasing property, are incorporating a company, registering your new vehicle or you are trying to acquire a new driving license, you will require registry services at some point. Luckily, there are companies that are specifically dedicated to providing different registry services for individuals, businesses and even corporations. They have very robust systems that can access a vast range or records simultaneously and even notify you when it comes time for your next renewal.

Edmonton, Alberta Registry Services
If you are in Edmonton, Alberta and are in need of expert registry services, you will no doubt find companies that will be able to help. There are fully licensed registry agencies that can provide you with reliable vehicle registration, vital statistics, driver’s license applications and company incorporation services. They are also known to provide topnotch land titles searches and many other services. These experts have access to some of the latest Edmonton, Alberta registries and hence you can be sure that they will provide you with very comprehensive searches. They offer:

1. Company Incorporation Services
These agencies have specialized in reserving corporate names, as well as incorporating different types of companies. The professional staff is able to help you declare a partnership or Tradename, incorporate a new company or even file annual returns, among other services. Their services may entail:
a) A name search, as well as reservation, if required
b) The incorporation
c) A minute book
d) A corporate seal

2. Land Title Searches
These experts are also renowned for providing comprehensive land title searches. The knowledgeable and highly qualified staff has access to vast databases of land titles and hence, they can provide you with any information you may need concerning specific pieces of land. They can provide you with:
a) Regular, certified and historical titles
b) Legal descriptions, certificates and tax searches
c) Surface, as well as mineral title searches
d) Obtaining the copies of all land title documents, surveys and plans, among other things
They normally search for the land titles using either the title number, legal descriptions or even the property address. These services are particularly suitable when you want to engage in a land transaction.

3. Vital Statistics Services
These professionals also provide very quick and reliable vital statistics services. For instance, they can provide you with vital statistic certificates within the same day or the next business day. These include birth, marriage and even death certificates. Moreover, to ensure that the certificates are given to the right person, proof, as well as verification of identity is usually required. To obtain a marriage license, the couple is usually required to bring sufficient acceptable identification.

These agencies are also renowned for providing other services, such as translation services, court house searches, motor vehicle registration and reminder services, personal property registry searches, as well as registrations, among other things. These experts have access to a vast array of Edmonton, Alberta registries, and hence, you are always guaranteed to receive whatever results or documentation you need. Moreover, their processes are easy and seamless, thanks to their very advanced computer and Internet-based systems.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise