E-commerce businesses may benefit greatly from using shipping software for a variety of reasons

Sometimes, sending packages for an online retailer might take a lot of time. Fortunately, you can use shipping software to streamline and quicken the process. In a nutshell, you may save time and effort by automating a procedure anytime it can be applied to several orders at once. If you are unfamiliar with shipping software, the six benefits listed below can help you get started.

Tariffs that have been discounted or negotiated for

Absolutely no one enjoys saving money. The option to get prefered pricing without requiring sending in bulk is one of the greatest benefits of utilising shipping software. Shipping companies often provide discounts to retailers based on the volume of their shipments. A shipping platform, on the other hand, may provide discounts on shipping that don’t need a contract or a minimum order size, and perhaps even at lower prices. Selection of the ecommerce shipping software for businesses is most essential here.

Robotic order fulfilment

Data like shipment location, items ordered, shipping service, and which confirmation email you’re going to send the customer must be applied, among other things, before an order can be sent. There may be a lag in processing the order at this period. With a good shipping software, you can set all of these variables for each order automatically, along with others like “free shipping” or “contains dry ice.” Everything that you routinely apply to orders may be programmed to be done automatically.

Packages sent out in groups

Time is saved greatly when packages are sent out in groups. Printing a large number of labels at once cuts down on the time spent processing orders. All of the labels for the packages you’ve chosen will be printed at once by the shipping software. This saves you the trouble of going through each order one by one to print a label. This might help you spend as little time as possible managing shipments by combining it with automated rules that specify which carriers should be utilised for certain types of packages.

Get your many sales channels working together.

Shipping software not only helps you save time by removing the need to enter data manually, but it also allows you to consolidate your orders from each of your sales channels into a one location. A good tool will import orders from all of your sales channels, whether they are on eBay, Amazon, or any other platform, and then assist you manage and organise shipping. This holds true even if you run many Shopify stores. This might end up saving you a tonne of time (and stress).


Your customers’ final point of contact with your brand before receiving their orders is in the email you give them after their orders have shipped. In fact, the opening rate for shipment notifications is 80% greater than that of emails received by other retailers. It should go without saying that they must be accomplished effectively.  utilising expert shipping software may provide you an edge over utilising the premade templates provided by e-commerce platforms. One perk is that you may make custom tracking pages for your deliveries that have your own brand.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise