Downsizing to Increase Profitability – Why Haven’t You Thought of This?

Every year as tax time approaches, businesses large and small start thinking about why they are not realizing the profits they should have made during the previous year. Are they spending too much on payroll or perhaps they could cut energy costs? This leads to a major focus on downsizing, which could result in even greater losses. If you are seeing a profit, maybe not as large as you’d like, but a profit nonetheless, take a step back before looking for ways to downsize. Maybe you haven’t thought about this!

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Downsizing Isn’t Always the Solution

Yes, you do have a sizeable payroll and yes it costs money to keep all that machinery running, the lights on and the office equipment buzzing away. Just because you aren’t seeing the kind of profits you know you can earn doesn’t mean that you are spending too much! It may be a matter of redirecting what you are spending. Also, there are ways to cut expenses which don’t involve heavy layoffs or working in the dark.

Spend a Little, Save a Lot

For many years that was a slogan capitalized on by the used car market. Used car dealers would promote their vehicles as being cheaper than new models and they would add the slogan, “Spend a little. Save a lot.” However, you can put that logic to good use when it comes to ramping up your company’s profits. One of the biggest profit thieves is going to be how you handle waste within your company. If you are in the manufacturing sector, reducing waste could be the key. This is a new slant on downsizing. Downsize on waste not on production!

Innovations for Waste Handling Could Be Key

If you take a tour of the Lundbergtech website, you’ll find ways to handle waste effectively that can potentially save your company a great deal of money. Of course, it’s up to you to read between the lines but consider this for starters. All those scraps you are paying someone to haul away could be recycled at a profit. With innovative waste handling solutions, you can earn a profit from literally every scrap you’ve purchased. Why throw it all away?

Waste Handling Keeps Your Production Lines Moving

Also, consider all the time it takes to keep those production lines clean of debris? Your company’s Quality Control department is probably often on your case because some of your products are not as pure as they could be. In an effort to keep the lines moving you don’t shut them down as often as you should, and this is where dust and other particulates can mar products. Some waste handling equipment works seamlessly in the background so that your lines can keep rolling out product without the need to shut down as often for cleaning. That’s the key to profitability. Keep on working – don’t stop – don’t downsize – just keep going!

Waste management might just be the key you are looking for when seeking to increase profitability. Have you given this a thought?

Clare Louise

Clare Louise