Different Cable Assemblies Offered by Carl Stahl

different cables

With an experience of over four decades, Carl Stahl Industries has specialized in designing and manufacturing of high-quality precision miniature cables, end stops, pulleys, wire ropes, forks, eyes, internal and external threads for an extremely diversified customer base. Today the company has operations in over 70 countries globally thanks to the core business values professed by the company leadership; high quality, precision and value addition in cable assembly. The company today manufactures standard cables with nominal diameters as small as 0.006’’ and a very high tolerance. This level of quality and precision is applied in all manufactured products no matter the size.

Carl Stahl has a wide selection of wire ropes to choose from, and all of them are standard cables designed to resist corrosion, abrasion and high tensile forces. The company understands rope design and are experts in combining design and aesthetics so that every rope they manufacture is value added and meets customer satisfaction in both form and design. Customers who have had experience in buying the ropes have attested that Carl Stahl produces good cables with a high bend fatigue resistance making it possible for their products to withstand repeated bending forces exerted by fluctuating loads.Image result for Different Cable Assemblies Offered by Carl Stahl

The Filigree F50 is a hammered external thread and is majorly used in connecting stainless steel cables to end connectors and this it achieves remarkably well with no visible seams even when there are differentiated diameters. External threads manufactured by Carl Stahl are specially designed connectors, or fittings hat can transform stainless steel cables into universal elements. Specifications and requirements demand that such components be strong enough to absorb forces that occur in built structures; however, they should also blend with optimally with the architecture. External threads manufactured by Carl Stahl are good enough for this.

One of the greatest uses of internal threads is in keeping cables tight, in the right length and I parallel to each other. Carl Stahl manufactures cables with internal threads to do this just fine. High quality and long cables are used extensively in the built environment, and their use is as extensive as it can get. Stairways, plazas and even bridges all use cables that need to be parallel and the right length, and this is where internal threads are needed most.

Connectors that secure cables to a building need to be slender and delicate, this is not all, they also need to be strong and long lasting. These requirements are necessary for all types of forks and eyes. Carl Stahl makes these with intelligent design satisfying both form and function. The company employs stainless processing techniques coupled with techniques in organic design language, and this is so typical of forks and eyes. Carl Stahl’s I-SYS range has won several awards from leading architectural journal institutions.

End stops are an integral part of the structural strength and architectural design, they are necessary for stability and are used to secure connections in sloping cable runs. The I-SYS range has two exceptional products in this category; the ball heads and socket. The spherical duo is a patent pending innovation that can be inclined at extents of 60 degrees. Nature has inspired the design of the head, and ball end stops resulting in a rapid, coherent solution that can adapt to any angles. Visit us at http://www.carlstahlarchitectural.co.uk/ for more details.


Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo