Crowdfunding for Cerebral Palsy Adults to Live With Dignity

A lot of you may have heard of the term cerebral palsy, but may not know what the condition is really about. Allow us to educate you on this disorder, the challenges of living with it, and ways in which crowdfunding India platforms can rescue families from the financial burden that it entails.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that affects muscles, movement, and tone of a person. This condition is almost always appears as a childhood disability, but eventually effects even adult life, as the child grows up. Like any other medical illness or condition, the extent of challenges brought upon by the disorder largely depends on the severity. While some people may face certain amount of difficulties with movements, others may not be affected by the same movement. For instance, total or partial paralysis. Some sufferers have problems with swallowing, eye muscle problems that affects focus, or reduced range of motion. The bad news is that most sufferers live with it for the rest of their lives, simply trying to manage the challenges. The good news is that this condition doesn’t get worse with age.

Challenges of living with cerebral palsy

Above we’ve already discussed the physical challenges of movement when it comes to cerebral palsy. But it’s the smaller, more nuanced problems that tend to get overlooked when addressing this condition. Today we’d like to shed light upon the social problems and the financial problems that sufferers are forced to deal with, aside from the physical imitations of course. One of the most pressing issues is that adults living with cerebral palsy find it quite difficult to find employment, regardless of their qualifications. Note that cerebral palsy doesn’t affect mental or cognitive functions of a person. In addition, it is associated with an adult disability, which is attached with social stigma.

When a person is already suffering from a condition that causes them physical limitations, and speech defects, such social stigma has been known to further cause social anxiety. Now to speak about the financial issues around it, we must note that there is no direct cure, but there are treatments and techniques to manage associated symptoms and improve the quality of life. That said, we must remember that while such conditions are distributed equally, the opportunities to manage it are not. Living a comfortable and dignified life with cerebral palsy can be quite expensive for sufferers, families, and caregivers. Expenses would include tests and diagnosis to keep associated conditions in check, physical therapy, and so much more.

Our goal to discuss cerebral palsy today is to ensure that caregivers and people living with it are aware that alternative methods of crowdfunding can be adopted to make life easier. At Impact Guru, our crowdfunding India platform is dedicated to ensuring that people with cerebral palsy are able to live dignified lives. So here are a few ideas to help improves the life of a person living with cerebral palsy:

  1. Special equipment crowdfunding – for instance, wheelchairs and other physical aid.
  2. Physical therapy crowdfunding.
  3. Speech and communication therapy crowdfunding.
  4. Counselling or therapy to overcome the mental and emotional aspect of living with cerebral palsy.
  5. Fund medical care or treatment of associated conditions for one or more individuals living with this condition.

If you know anyone living with cerebral palsy that might benefit from a little financial help, start a crowdfunding India campaign on Impact Guru today!


Virginia Canales

Virginia Canales