Commercial Interior Design In The Pandemic: 4 Rules You Should Follow


The coronavirus shifted the way we live, work, and play. You would now encounter commercial interior design firms in Singapore keeping physical distancing in mind, adding dedicated disinfecting areas, and other practical furnishings.

Adapting is the main goal you should have. Here are the rules you should follow when starting a commercial interior designproject.


More and more people are putting a premium on having large spaces to minimise the transmission of the virus. A good interior design company in Singapore knows the latest trends in the industry that help them adapt to the constantly changing society. They also centre on the user, which seeks to provide for their needs at all costs.


Before, an interior design company would not even bat an eye at putting alcohol stations in every corner of the office or using an air purifier in the common areas. But now, they should focus on sanitation because people are already cautious of what they touch and how they deal with things.


Gone are the days when offices have small cubicles for every employee. The latest trend now is using open spaces and having enough physical distance to lessen the risk of transmitting diseases. (Tip: Your trusted commercial interior design company in Singapore should keep this in mind.)


Offices have many items that help them conduct daily operations. However, some already have made a transition towards digital means of communication and filing. Folders are rendered useless as much as piles of paperwork on the table. Your commercial interior designproject should have this kind of approach.

FineLine is an interior design company in Singaporethat follows these rules. They also help clients bring their concepts and stories to life by employing skilled professionals. Visit their website for more information.


David Griffin

David Griffin