The clean water issue has become a serious challenge and a devastating criticality for the entire world and urgent attention is required in order to ensure human life on earth. Along with this challenge, other issues like climatic mitigation addressing floods, droughts, and rise in sea-level thus posing a threat to human life. You can also see how drinking water from the river, lakes, etc. are turning into vulnerabilities which can have a negative impact on health. In both urban and rural areas, a survey has shown that water quality has grown poor and many low-income communities are using that water for their drinking purpose.

It is time that locals should come forward and start coordinating with people in clean water movement as clean water is a basic human right. A lot of countries are spending millions on rejuvenating their dead lakes so that they can make some arrangement for the coming generation and at least provide them safe drinking water. 

Mounting Affordability of Water Crisis

An increasingly shouldering of maintenance and repair responsibilities are withdrawing huge investments from government and various companies who are investing in valuable funding source. The estimated cost of the whole plan requires some more shoulder to share the bills and also want to look a system which provides safe drinking water and wastewater system should get more funding so that more and cleaner water can be accessible.


People can also start the self-cleaning process of water at their end also. They can store rainwater and by following the traditional home-style cleaning method, they can utilize the water either for drinking if fit otherwise they can use it for their household purpose. It is time to bring some change in the water crisis situation so that communities could also get nthe chance to recover from it.