Choosing powder booths

Did you know a powder coating spray booth is a necessity for powder coating? Powder coating is a multi-step finishing system and materials need to be cleaned and prepared before they can be coated. They are then put in a curing oven so the powder can melt and create an attractive, durable finish.

Powder booths can:

  • Extract overspray from the work area
  • Control environmental emissions by filtering media
  • Comply with Health and Safety requirements – specified in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations
  • Prevent combustible powder dusts causing fire hazards

Surface Finishing Equipment Group (SFEG) are proud to supply manual and automatic booths to suit every preference. Could you benefit from one of their powder coating spray booths?

Manual powder coating

If you’re looking for a manual powder coating booth, you’re in capable hands with SFEG. They provide booths for manual powder coating and ensure an optimum solution for your needs.

Manual powder booths are designed to be modular and incorporate a ‘plug and play’ design which means they only require an electrical and compressed air supply. Pleated cartridges are used to maximise life and extraction rates too.

One of the main benefits of these booths is that they include optional castors, so you can easily move it around the factory to complete manual rework jobs.

SFEG’s powder booths are supplied with collection bins. The waste powders can then be stored in the oven and disposed of efficiently – keeping the mess and disposal costs to a minimum.

Automatic powder coating

The automatic powder booths use the most advanced powder coating technology and SFEG has the perfect solution for you. Automatic booths operate efficiently and are quick and easy to access during normal operation and colour change processes.

EquiFlow technology balances powerful air extraction and gentle airflow in the automatic section. The ‘magic quick colour change’ booths provide fast colour changes and incorporate an automatic cleaning system to prevent powder deposition.

Powder booths that operate automatically are guaranteed to perform continuously and consistently – offering minimal wear and tear on parts.

Another benefit of the automatic booths is that their components can be installed quickly and integrated into your existing installations, with minimal downtime. They’re also designed to be space saving, allowing for an ergonomic working environment.

Why choose SFEG?

When it comes to finding a powder coating booth, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at SFEG.

The team of technical experts are always on hand to help, so if you need to know more about their powder booths – how they work, whether you could benefit or which one you need – feel free to contact them by filling in the online enquiry form.


David Griffin

David Griffin