Carpet cleaning- what secrets do you need to understand

Residential flooring has come up with different varieties in recent times, but carpet has still maintained its popularity in the past. The prime reason to use carpet in residential flooring is to maintain the warmth of the house and enhance its beauty. Besides, low maintenance cost than the hard floor is another cause of the popularity of using carpets. However, it needs proper maintenance as it can also become messy and grimy. Here, homeowners need to call professionals to make the carpet dirt-free. You can also opt for finaltouch cleaning services for the best result.

All can check below the secrets of carpet cleaning.

  • Stop rubbing

Carpet staining is common, and here you need to understand the special way to clean the stain. Whenever you notice any stain on the carpet, stop rubbing it. Blotting the stain will be perfect for keeping the carpet well-maintained.

  • Use of vinegar

Club soda is a good option to blot the stain. Here you need to take club soda on a cloth and press on the stain. Once the stain gets lighter, apply the same process again. In case you notice that the stain does not disappear, you can mix white vinegar with it.

  • Use of carpet extraction

A carpet extractor is a machine to clean the dirt and stains to keep the carpet clean. This machine uses a mild combination of hot and cold water along with chemicals. The solution efficiently absorbs the dirt and makes the carpet free from dirt. Homeowners usually may not have carpet extraction cleaning machines, and hence they can consult with professionals.

  • Baking soda and salt

Baking soda and salt are both easily available at home and the combination of these two ingredients works excellent to keep the carpet dirt-free. First, you need to sweep or vacuum the carpet to clean loose soil. Now mix baking soda and salt in a bowl and sprinkle the combination on the carpet. Now spray plain water on the carpet and scrub. Now wipe the area and leave it to dry. Then use a vacuum to remove the remaining baking soda.

  • Vacuum speed

It is suggested to vacuum slowly to remove the dirt as much as possible. If you clean the carpet too fast, it will not clean the dirt properly.

  • Regular maintenance

It is always suggested to clean or vacuum the carpet at regular intervals. If you clean the carpet before it becomes too dirty, you don’t need to do too much hard work to clean the carpet.

  • Proper placement of furniture

Often, carpet can get rust from the legs of the furniture. Here it is suggested to use wood blocks or aluminum squares to avoid rust damaging the carpet.

  • Never overwet carpet

It is suggested not to drench the carpet too much while cleaning as it will leave the carpet damp for a long time.

Homeowners can follow the above tips for carpet maintenance, but many times opting for a professional’s help will be the best option for a 24hour emergency clean.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke