Are you looking to get rid of a mugshot that you don’t want displayed anymore?

You’ve come to the right place. Here is a guide for what you can do to try to get your mugshot removed from public view. 

Continue reading to find several ways to have mugshots removed from the internet.

When Is a Mugshot Taken?

A mugshot is taken of someone when they’ve been officially arrested. After committing a crime, a person will be arrested and booked, leading to having a formal mugshot taken of them.

Mugshots are a photographic record of someone recently arrested. These pictures are an assist in identification for a victim or the public. 

Since mugshots are only taken of those who have been arrested, people being questioned at a station will not have a mugshot taken. If someone arrested has their charges dropped, they can request to have their mugshot removed from the public record.

Is It Legal for Websites to Show Mugshots?

When a mugshot has been recorded in public records, the public can find and use them on websites.

So yes, it is legal for any website to display a mugshot. These mugshots are for articles, informational posts, PSAs, and other public internet purposes. 

Can You Remove a Mugshot?

There are several ways to try to remove a mugshot from the internet. Even if your charges are gone, you’ll still see your mugshot online.

To get a mugshot removed from the internet, you can either have your records expunged or pay a removal service to get your mugshot off of websites. To proceed with getting your mugshot picture removed, talk with an attorney about getting your records expunged.

Get Your Records Expunged

Getting your records expunged means that you can have your mugshot and arrest records legally sealed and hidden from the public.

It’s recommended that you find a reputable attorney to assist you in getting your arrest record expunged. Having legal counsel, in this case, will increase your chances of success.

Once you’ve gotten your records legally expunged, you can use your proof of expungement to have your mugshot taken down from individual websites. You’ll need to contact them personally to have your mugshot picture taken down.

Pay for a Mugshot Removal Service

There is another option for having your mugshot removed from the internet. Mugshot removal services are online for those looking to have their police station mugshots removed.

When it comes to hiring a service to remove your mugshots from the internet, you’ll need to pay a hefty amount of money. You’ll also need to make sure you choose a reputable company that is not a scam.

Always be cautious when having a service remove your mugshots from the internet.

Removing Your Mugshot Thoroughly

Trying to remove mugshots from public view may be difficult to do without legal counsel first. Chances are, you’ll need to start with getting your record expunged if you can.

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