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Big and small businesses rely on corporate gifting to forge strong business relationships with their clients and customers. Corporate gifts are also distributed to clients as a mark of appreciation of their patronage and business association.

According to a Technopak survey,  Indian gifting industry is valued currently at over Rs.12,000 crore and is expected to grow at the rate of 200% annually. Of this, the corporate gifting industry is sized at $2.5 billion.

A Forbes India report reveals that finance companies spend the most on corporate gifting to clients followed by IT and then finally flanked by FMCG, Telecom, Manufacturing etc. The pharma industry thrives on purchasing corporate gifts online and presenting them to doctors. In short, no industry is bereft of corporate gifting.

Every company, big or small has to invest in corporate gifting to build the future of their business and these are the valid reasons for them.

Reasons why corporate gifts build your business

  1. Strengthen existing relationships

As a company, you have been doing business with some clients regularly. Apart from the business aspect,  you have built a strong relationship of trust and understanding. Corporate gifts help to renew these relationships and strengthen your mutual understanding.

  1. Build new contacts

Your company needs new contacts to expand your business. Why don’t you think of ordering corporate gifts online and presenting them to new contacts on New Year? Meeting new clients with a gift is a way of breaking the ice and opening up a conversation for business purposes. Offering this gift on New Year will be seen sentimentally as a mark of good fortune by the client.

  1. Highlight the occasion

Some Companies even offer corporate gifts during product launches or business meetings. At such junctures, these gifts serve to highlight the importance of the event and make it memorable.

  1. Through-the-line marketing

Corporate gifts can act as effective through-the-line marketing tools as they can be targeted at both wide as well as focussed audiences. The choice of the gift allows you to determine the nature of audience you wish to provide and decide the results consequently.

For instance, if you wish to distribute corporate gifts on a massive scale to all your clients and business associates including your vendors or suppliers, you can choose a pen or an acrylic keychain. If you are looking at a select audience of distinguished clients, the corporate gifts online may include engraved pens or desk organizers.

  1. Makes the client feel privileged

The emotional appeal of corporate gifting is enormous. Corporate gifts tend to make the client feel honoured or privileged to receive the gift. Heighten this feeling by selecting a corporate gift online that befits the client’s status.

Create a difference between Corporate gifts and promotional giveaways.

Corporate gifts are given as a mark of gratitude, appreciation and business association to clients. Promotional giveaways are items distributed to customers in order to create brand awareness and interest. Corporate gifts are given to a select few while promotional giveaways are for all. Create a distinct difference between corporate gifts and promotional giveaways by ordering corporate gifts online based on the factors below.

  1. Valuable offering- Offer something unique and valuables a corporate gift, not something which you get to see every day.
  2. Functional-  Let the gift be strictly functional increasing its usage and value.
  3. High Quality- Let the quality of the gift speak volumes of the respect you have for the receiver.
  4. Dignified- Let the gift befit the status of your company and that of the client.

Corporate gifting is the art of endearing business associate and clients to your business. For best place for corporate gifts click on the link.