When it comes to Android TV, there are many variants just like Android phones. Some devices come with all Google services and some are not. For example, Amazon devices does not come with play store even though it supports YouTube. So, you won’t be able to find same set of apps and games on all devices.

There are many free streaming apps for Movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV and more. However, many of them were not available on default app store comes with your TV box. Most of them are removed from various reasons. Installing favorite apps and games on TV box is not an easy task at all. Unlike phones, it is difficult to find TV version of a specific app or game on TV. Web browsing and side loading apps on TV is not simple. It will be much more simpler and easier if you have app store like AC Market.

There are many solutions like Filelinked, Aptoide TV to install any app you like on any TV box for free and easily. Many use Filelinked for free Movies, TV shows, Live TV and sports apps. But it is not a substitute for play store TV application. Aptoide TV is the best and only available alternative for play store TV.

Aptoide TV for TV BOX

Using Aptoide TV you can find all TV apps and games easily just like Aptoide for phones. Do you know that many Android apps and game developers make different versions of the app for TV and phones? For example, Asphalt 8. There is a separate optimized version of Asphalt 8 for TVs. It was developed to work smoothly and seamlessly on TV boxes.

If you search for any app or game, Aptoide TV will show list of matching results that are compatible with your TV. In below section there is “All results”. It shows all the matching apps and games that are available for phones and tablets. You can install those apps on TV too. Many use mouse and keyboard to use those incompatible apps. Because those are developed to work with touch screens. Using a mouse pointer helps to click or select anywhere we want easily. Because D-pad on remove will not support.

However, you won’t be able to find many pirate TV apps and games on this store. Most of those apps are available on APKTime or on Filelinked. Because Filelinked stores are maintained by users all around the world. They create a store and add whatever they won’t.

TV boxes comes with very little space. If you do not manage that space carefully, you may run out of storage. You can use junk cleaning application like clean master to clean your storage for more storage space.