The Benefits Of Having An On-Site Nitrogen Production For Your Business

Indeed, there are plenty of benefits that one can get in using nitrogen generators or tanks. It helps in inerting, flushing, purging, product transfer, drying, as well blanketing. But just like everything else, one must look at the different aspects on how one uses a certain thing for their business. One of the few major considerations that must be taken would be the source of the compressed air supply of your plant for your on-site application for nitrogen gas. Doing so will save you more money and at the same time to have the full control of using the nitrogen gas.

Having an on-site nitrogen generator has proven to be quite beneficial for many companies. This only means that a specific company can either generate more or as little amount of nitrogen that they need for a specific use. Hence, a company is able to save money compared to those companies which have an external source.

Fortunately, there are two notable options that companies can choose when it comes to on-site nitrogen. Plus, there are companies which ae offering such kind of services such as Claind. Therefore, it is not something that would take too much of your time and resources just to achieve such goal.

The first on our list when it comes to on-site nitrogen is the membrane technology. The membrane nitrogen generators are actually used in those applications which require 99.5% or below. This kind of generator works by filtering the oxygen through the polymeric fibers to produce a gaseous nitrogen.

When it comes to the membrane nitrogen generators, the common applications that best suit this are beer dispensing, fire sprinkler systems, mine fires, electronic components for dry box storage, power stations, fruit storage, injection molding, reaction injection molding (RIM), rapid prototyping, tire filling, tank blanketing, laser cutting with the use of nitrogen, as well as snack food packaging.

The second type of nitrogen generator on our list is the Pressure Swing Adsorption or PSA. The PSA is normally used in applications where the requirement is a purity level of 99.5% or higher. This technology makes use of two towers which have CMS or the carbon molecular sieve. The CMS helps in absorbing the oxygen as well as the other traces of gases which only leave only room for nitrogen.

The usual applications wherein the Pressure Swing Adsorption is used are in mine fires, beer dispensing, lead-free soldering, fruit storage, injection molding, power stations, tire filling, tank blanketing, laser cutting using nitrogen, bottling for wineries, as well as in snack food packaging.

As mentioned, the leading provider for nitrogen generators is Claind. It can provide complete plants, supplying a suitable air compressor for the selected nitrogen generator.

Claind boasts its 30 years of expertise in the industry. And since its incorporation in 1979, Claind has pursued a path towards its current status of European leader and one of the top manufacturers of gas generators in the world. So one will definitely get only the best nitrogen generators from Claind.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke