Benefits of Hot Desking for Coworking Spaces

It can be frustrating to wander from desk to desk looking for space. Set your employees at ease by allowing them to self-book hot desks and shared facilities using Lobbytrack Employee App.

Imagine at a touch of a button you can now have the desk by the window and near the coffee machine. No need to get up early and be the first one in when the doors of the office open. You have booked your desk with the app and now you can quietly roll into the office, knowing your space has been booked.

Booking your hot desk

The benefits of hot-desking vary depending on your work style and whether you like to work with people around you. If you are a freelancer, you appreciate having a place to work and meet potential clients. Being at home in your pyjamas does not help you stay focused on work, and its not a convenient way to meet clients.

Booking your car space

Finding a place to park your car in a city like NYC is like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily if your coworking space has a garage you can easily book your car spot from your phone.

It’s easy to download the LobbyTrack app and book your hot desk and car space in a click of a button.

Hot-desking for self-employed workers

For self-employed workers juggling multiple projects in various locations, hot-desking also allows you to find a workspace and stay connected—even between cities. This convenience fuels productivity and provides the perks of office space (a dedicated place to work; a professional setting to meet with clients) wherever your work takes you.

The same goes for the parking garage. Why keep circling to find an empty space when you can pre-book your space for the hours you will be at your coworking space.

Hot-desking for Small Businesses

Business owners who would like to have a few employees but don’t want the fixed costs of renting a space, enjoy shared workspaces. They can rent conference rooms and a couple of desks for employees without the hassle of a fixed yearly contract.

While it’s popular among younger workers who embrace workplace trends like hybrid working, flexible schedules, and remote work, not everyone is a fan. Some 86 percent of 200 workers surveyed by Project Office Furniture in the UK said they liked the flexible office environment afforded by hot desking. However older workers who like stability do not like too lug laptops or other items from one place to another. If you’re considering applying hot desking policy to your own company, you need to check out demographics and type of work your employees are doing to see if a shared workspace is possible.

Hot-desking for Entrepreneurs

Startups can save $2,700 on average per month by using a coworking space. For any entrepreneur, securing a start-up workspace requires a substantial amount of capital, and likely committing to a long-term lease. Even with the overhead covered, other miscellaneous costs like furniture, connectivity, and stationery etc. quickly raise monthly expenses.

One of the biggest benefits of coworking spaces for entrepreneurs is the ability to move into a fully furnished office that not only has the most costs covered, but a host of additional amenities and lifestyle perks attached.

According to 2018 research, coworking spaces are particularly valuable in forging relationships between “entrepreneurs, other businesses, star-tups, and innovators.” Since you are sharing a space with innovators, naturally conversations and friendships will occur that can help you in your own business endeavours.

Discovering new ideas and processes happens naturally when you’re surrounded by a variety of expertise. Plus, the risk of burnout and project fatigue is reduced by an ever-evolving work environment and by having co-workers to chill out with after work.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise