Awesome Reasons to Invest in Pallet Handling Solutions

Pallet handling and transportation equipment is an ideal solution to deal with routine unit loads across the warehouse or manufacturing plant. Whether you need to move a pallet quickly or lower or raise across just give TopIndustries a visit. They offer an array of pallet exchanger models including pallet inverter, pallet upender, or pallet changer.

Reasons for investing in pallet handling solutions

Pallets are bulky, heavy, and cumbrous to work with. You need ideal pallet handling equipment for moving the unit loads across a warehouse. It is an extremely laborious task. It is essential to use the right equipment, to save the stress and time of the workforce.

Some of the benefits to choose pallet handling solutions to include –

  • Money & time-saving – The pallet changers can help the warehouse staff to move multiple loaded bulks at the same time safely and speedily. The same amount of work if handled manually takes up a lot of time. Besides, there is the strain and stress connected with manually handling heavy loads. It increases the labor cost.

However, with pallet tippers, the task are done quickly, which enhances productivity and the entire operational cost is reduced.

  • Reduces product damages – Pallet handling is a laborious task, which stresses the workers. If they become sluggish then there are chances that they handle the product unit loads poorly. The pallet or products can get damaged due to slipping or tripping. Poorly handled products and pallets can add to the operational costs and make customers unhappy.
  • Reduces workplace injuries – Ergonomic solution is necessary to make a work environment safe. Facilities that need a pallet or material handling frequently or in volume have to handle massive costs against workers’ compensation, lost wages, and productivity. Workers can get hurt or have their back or shoulder strained due to repetitive movements like lifting, bending, turning, and stretching.

Pallet inverters are a great unit load-handling solution designed to lessen work-related injuries.

  • Versatile – The pallet handling equipment helps to tilt bulky items in narrow spaces for easy transport. They are available in a variety of sizes and equipped with useful features to handle tilting, stacking, storing, changing pallets, inserting slip sheets, transporting, etc. the entire load is inverted in seconds with adjustable clamp pressure. Operators can change broken pallets without the need to unload and reload manually.

Even if there is a broken sack of flour or sugar at the bottom, the task becomes easy with a pallet inverter. The pallet stackers help to pile the pallet at a height without manual stress.

  • Enhances worker’s morale – Integrating automatic pallet changers in the inline system allows to break or build pallet loads. The time to load or unload pallet is 30% reduced with rotating tops. Thus the task gets completed with less fatigue and it enhances the operator’s morale and boosts productivity level.

Top Industries offer an L-shape silver upender capable to handle 40 pallets within an hour. It can handle products weighing 3000 pounds and 79” in height. You can watch how the upender works on their official YouTube channel!


Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes