An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Hot Desking

Did you know that after the COVID-19 pandemic started, 88% of businesses globally introduced remote working?

For many, this involved letting go of leases, rental contracts, and other arrangements with workplaces and offices. 

Now that the pandemic is coming to a close, these businesses are, for the most part, looking to set up shop again in the most efficient way possible. 

If you are looking to set up an office whether small or large, can “hot desking” help you make good use of your facilities? What is hot desking? What can it do for you?

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What Is Hot Desking?

So how does hot desking really work? Statistics show that there are a significant number of vacant office desks in office workplaces. 

Hot desking means that you take advantage of these workstations. Instead of each worker having a workstation assigned, they simply take one of the available desks available in the office.

How Management Software Can Help

You might think that this will result in confusion or even an insufficiency of workspaces for workers. However, here is where management software can help you make sure that you always have hot desk facilities for workers. 

Smart software, such as, allows you to track the availability of desks and understand patterns such as insufficiency or a surplus of desk space.

What Are the Advantages?

So how does hot desking work and what can it do for you? One major advantage is that it cuts down on costs. You can track exactly how many desks you need and then reduce or expand your facilities as needed. 

You may spot that some workers are choosing to work from home more than before and so their desk is underused. In other cases, you might decide that an AWS (Adjusted Work Schedule) would benefit your business. 

You can then plan for a larger number of workers to use a smaller number of workstations as they are not in the office at the same time. 

There are many advantages of hot desking and all are possible with good organization and communication with stakeholders.

Hygiene Concerns

As with all public work locations, you will need to institute hot desking protocols to protect worker health and reduce anxiety. 

These protocols could include handwash stations, instructions for cleaning desks at the end of the workday and even increased cleaning services during the night.

What Is Hot Desking? And Other Questions Answered

In the business world of 2021, making efficient use of every chair, desk, and computer to progress your business is vital. If you have asked “what is hot desking?” and whether it can help you, you now have the answer. 

By making efficient use of your office space you can lower costs and as there are significant benefits of hot desking for employee, preserve staff morale. 

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Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke