When it comes to international cargo shipping, there are generally only two options: air and sea transport. But as a business owner, the option you choose will greatly determine the efficiency and productivity of your company. This is definitely important if your business is expanding its borders and connecting with global partners.

Are you struggling to make a decision on which cargo shipping option to choose? If so, take a look at the information below to learn more about both methods of shipping.

What Is Sea Cargo Shipping?

Choosing to ship cargo on the water is a bit complex, but most companies prefer it because it’s the most effective. With this option, cargo transports through sea trade transport routes. This method makes it easy for large quantities of goods to get shipped all at once.

One of the primary benefits of ocean cargo shipping is that it’s one of the most common ways of transporting goods.  In fact, 90% of international imports and exports travel through sea routes. 

Goods transported through sea cargo are put into large containers which are sent through port and customs. Once all of the goods clear, the containers are loaded onto the ship. 

After the journey is complete, the containers are then sent through customs authorities of the shipping destination. Generally, an agent will handle the taxes and duty once the product is released for delivery into the country. Since a lot of illegal trade can sometimes happen through the sea, there are strict rules and protocols for allowing cargo shipping via water routes.

What Is Air Cargo Shipping?

Air cargo works differently because freight travels from one place to another using air routes via an air carrier. This option is ideal for goods that need quick delivery. Air cargo flies through the same routes that typically travel through commercial or private planes. This is the fastest way to get goods to their destination, but it’s more expensive than ocean cargo shipping. 

Not only that, but a lot more goods can transport through the air. Not only can standard cargo like clothes, shoes, and other merchandise fly, but big objects can be transported through the air as well. Items like vehicles, mechanical gear, and even animals are best sent through air shipping.

If your business handles sensitive objects or has high-volume productivity, then air cargo shipping is your best bet.

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Deciding on a Cargo Shipping Option

Hopefully, the information above helps you decide between air or sea cargo shipping. Both options have their advantages, but you have to weigh the pros and cons to determine which one compliments your business best. So, which one do you think you’ll choose? 

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