Air Rifles for Team Building

Hold your breath, aim, and shoot using air rifles. Everyone from the novice to the seasoned shooter will be put to the test by a variety of targets and distances. Rifles with a calibre of 177. A team building event including Air Rifle Target Shooting is a genuine test of attention, talent, and precision. Participants will fire air rifles with telescopic sights at a variety of targets. The exercise begins with a thorough safety briefing on how to safely operate the equipment and hit the targets. Participants will then get the opportunity to fire the air rifles.

Experiment with the thrill of striking what you aim at in a safe, controlled atmosphere with experienced instruction. If you’ve never shot a gun before, this is an excellent place to start. Come hone your Air Rifle abilities if you have more expertise with them. Individual or team activities, this sport may provide the joy of challenging oneself and progressing. Have you ever imagined yourself as a marksman? Now is your opportunity to try out our air powered weapons!

These air guns and pistols are a lot of fun, and we even have some exploding targets to make sure the activity goes off without a hitch! Shooting with a pistol on our Pistol range, you can hone your accuracy. Each team will be given the opportunity to shoot at different targets with these pneumatic rifles in order to score the most points. On our Country Sports days, air pistols are a must-do activity. Air Rifle Shooting is appropriate for people of all skills and fitness levels, making it a great option for corporate team building, staff away days, and hen and stag parties. The air rifles action is enjoyable not only for those who engage, but also for those who watch.

The activity may be played casually or competitively, featuring rounds like ‘Against the Clock’ and ‘Most Accurate Shot’ where participants can earn points for their team. The winning team will be the one with the most points at the end of the session. To construct a multi-activity day, add an Air Rifle Shooting Activity to other Country Sports Activities or outdoor team building activities. The activity may accommodate up to 15 people at a time*. Shooting exercises are a fantastic way to break down boundaries and bring a team closer together – the adrenaline rush is incredible, and mastering marksmanship skills is extremely gratifying. It’s all about forming bonds with your teammates via shared experiences in a unique setting

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke