Have you recently heard about business opportunities through ACN? How can you know if it’s it’s a legitimate business or a scam? American Communications Network is better known as ACN, and is an international business that provides both residential and commercial telecommunications, energy, and security and automation services.

Aren’t There Lawsuits?

Some people like to emphasize lawsuits that have been pending against ACN, claiming that no legitimate company would have a pending lawsuit. Large, successful businesses are sued by unhappy customers and associates frequently, and they are often the ones who receive the most public attention.

Most often if someone chooses to sue a company, it’s because they are unhappy with the service they have received. With direct selling, many people want to have a high level of income while doing little to no work. Working with a company like ACN is no different from any other sales job—you need to be willing to work hard, and you are compensated fairly. The harder you work, the more money you will make.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

Promises of working from home on your own schedule, being your own boss to make money quickly should be a quick red flag for anyone. That is often the tactic used by those who are running pyramid schemes. They spend little time educating their potential recruits on the actual products being sold, or how to successfully market and sell for the company. The focus is on recruiting more people beneath you to invest into the business opportunity.

Programs designed to scam you for money have high-pressure recruiting strategies that are presented as time-sensitive. There is usually a large fee for the initial investment, with the promise of making that investment back quickly after signing up and getting others to sign up with you—and when you are unable to make the money back as promised, it’s evident that you have been scammed.

Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme or Direct Sales?

This is a common misconception about the company. ACN is NOT a scheme. The company has many sales representatives who are employed through a direct-sales model. Operating sales in this manner is often referred to as multi-level-marketing, and is a very legitimate form of business. The amount of money each direct sales representative makes is through their commissions, which is entirely driven by the amount of sales they are able to make, and residual income from other sales reps beneath them.  

ACN is a reputable company of integrity with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. They are fully transparent with their business practices and compensation structure. All of their residential and commercial services are easily accessed on the ACN website with pricing.

sales job—you need to be willing to work hard, and you are compensated fairly. The harder you work, the more money you will make.

Being Your Own Boss

Once you invest in the ACN business opportunity, you become an IBO (Independent Business Owner), and you are responsible for setting your own schedule and doing the work necessary to obtain and retain accounts. Being your own boss isn’t for everyone, and when someone in the ACN business model fails to do the work necessary to generate the income they expect, some choose to blame it on the company and give bad reviews wherever possible.

Do Your Own Research

As with any business opportunity whether it is with direct selling or not, it’s wise to do your homework and research the history of the company and learn as much as you can about their business model. Long story short, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Learn about the legitimacy of any company before investing in a business opportunity. Call them directly and ask questions. A legitimate company will be transparent enough to give you direct responses. Research more than one source rather than only learning one point of view.

For every negative ACN review, there are more positive accounts to prove the true integrity of the company. There are many sales reps who have been successful and customers who are satisfied with their services. ACN is actively involved in charitable causes to end child hunger, and aid families with children who are seriously ill or injured. Don’t let a few negative reviews from dissatisfied former employees sour your view of a company that does so much good for its employees, customers, and community.