Is your business performing as well as it could be? There’s always some fine-tuning involved in creating a successful business strategy. A social media audit is one of the most important, but most overlooked, tools in the toolbox for business success.

What is a Social Media Audit?

When most of us think “audit,” we picture the IRS and big men in suits knocking at our doors. Social media audits aren’t scary. They’re just a checkup on your social “vitals.” Some companies perform an audit once every quarter; others perform theirs once a week. Because social media trends and platforms change constantly, it’s a good idea to perform your audit more often rather than less. Think of social media as the glue that connects you with your audience. You want to make sure that glue is sticking where it should.

How Does a Social Media Audit Work?

You sit down with your team to take a hard look at how your company is performing on social media. This includes brand or company mentions, direct conversations with clients or customers, and overall audience engagement. You take a look at how often people are talking about your company and what kinds of things they’re saying. The goal is to point your audience toward the best ways they can connect with you.

There will always be some things we can’t control, of course. People are human and say what they like to say. However, a social media audit can definitely have a positive boost on your company’s public image. These days, consumers generate a lot of the content that appears in web searches for specific brands. It’s up to you to take control of the conversation, and make sure you stand out from your competitors.

Let’s say you own a pet store. You want customer conversations to focus on your pet-care expertise and the quality pet food and toys you sell.

How Can You Do a Social Audit?

A successful social audit will determine what’s working and what’s not in your existing social media strategy.

Start by tracking down all the social channels your business uses. Include any imposter accounts if you’re aware of them. Think carefully about your goals for each account.

Let’s return to the pet store example. Do you want your Instagram page to primarily consist of fluffy bunnies and cats, or do you want pictures balanced with pet-care tips? Do you want your Snapchat account to feature sweet little dog videos? Brainstorm with your team about creative ways to promote your business.

Next, think about how often you want to post content. You want to be posting content at a rate that provides a good return on investment (ROI). A social audit company can help you figure out your posts’ performance.

Companies Can Perform an Audit for You

Analyzing your business’s social presence can seem daunting. That’s why it can help to have an outside company do the looking and thinking for you. Look for companies that will provide comprehensive solutions.

NetBase is a social media analytics platform. They have a variety of services to suit all kinds of needs, whether you’re a small pet-store owner or a big-name corporation. A leading social analytics company will deliver customer insights in real time and at scale. Businesses like Arby’s and Cuisinart rely on NetBase to fuel their marketing strategies. Social media audits can help you connect with your customers faster and better.