8 Types of Events And How to Plan for Them

Events are essential in human life in so many ways. It is a gathering where people share the same goal. Perhaps, a birthday party, wedding, product launch, or even company anniversary. There are also many reasons why people attend events, like supporting a cause and advocating for a change. It has been part of human culture and will continue to exist in the future. For this reason, people need an event management company in Singapore to organise the flow of the program. Without such help, it would be chaotic and might cause a public commotion.

Indeed, events management is a helpful skill because you can organise a program. It is not as easy as people think. It is not just arranging the furniture, creating a program flow, and inviting people. There is so much more to consider!

To know them, continue reading the article to know the different types of events and how to plan for them.

Different Types of Events

In simple terms, events are where people gather for a meaningful cause. It can be for partying, advocating a change, or even corporate style. It can also be about visual merchandising displays. Perhaps, you can also create an event for a personal cause like performing for your family and friends. Nonetheless, here are the common types of events you must know.

  1. Panel/ Guest Speaker Events – One of the most common events where you can invite a prominent individual regarding your topic. For instance, you are talking about business expansion. You can invite CEOs, marketers, and entrepreneurs as guest speakers for the said event. The audience will listen to the guest speakers and ask questions for discussion after the presentation.
  1. Concerts, Parties, and Festivals – Having some fun is part of human life. Events can also be about dancing and singing with friends or families. These types of events have a large attendance. So, it needs proper events management in Singapore to ensure safety.
  1. Awards Events – There are also events for awarding like Oscars, Emmys, MAMA awards, and company year-end recognition party. It is an event where outstanding people get recognised for their talents, hard work, and skills. So, partner with an event management company to avoid confusing the winners with the runner-ups.
  1. Product Launch – Events can also help with your marketing strategy. You can incorporate experiential marketing in Singapore to immerse the attendees in your product launch. It introduces people to the new line of products for your business. You can also invite influences who can introduce your products online.
  1. Workshops or Classes – Events can also be educational. You can organise a workshop or class where you can teach people new skills. It is better to have a planned events management system so attendees can have a conducive learning experience from the event.
  1. Meeting With Business Partners – You can also meet with business partners through an event for a VIP experience. Perhaps, you can book a hotel room or luxurious restaurant for a simple gathering. It is to establish a new partnership to strengthen your business influence.
  1. Opening of New Store, Infrastructure Project, and Establishments –Ribbon cutting signifies a new beginning for your life. You can open a store or establish one that will cater to the public. And so, you need to have a smooth program flow with an events management company in Singapore for a more professional event.
  1. Trade Shows – It is an event where attendees can meet with different vendors. For instance, a book fair where various book stores gather and release new titles. There are also many expo events for cars, pets, fashion, skincare, etc.

Events can also vary. And you must learn how to plan for a program so everything will go smoothly. Continue reading the article to read some tips about events management planning.


How to Plan for an Event

Setting goals is essential for a successful event. It is a way to ensure that the program will be successful and stay true to the advocacy. Partnering with an events management company in Singapore will be a great help. But you must also learn how to plan an event to make it more effective.

Here are the ways to plan for a successful event.

1) Create a Timeline for the Schedule

Before planning for your actions, you can create a time management plan for the entire event. You can begin with finding sponsorships to send invitations. This way, you can have a guide for things you must accomplish in a day. You can partner with an events management company to help you prepare for the upcoming event and guide you through the process.

2) Assign Tasks or Responsibilities

After finalising the timeline, you can proceed with asinine tasks and responsibilities to the staff. For instance, you can allot responsibilities to the interior designer, attendees usher, sales head, and marketing coordinator. In doing so, you can have a more efficient work process and finish more tasks in a day. You can also set daily targets so they can accomplish more daily.

3) Arrange the Venue Set-Up

Arranging the venue interior is also essential because it influences the attendees’ overall experience. You can fix the retail interior design in Singapore and incorporate experiential marketing. You can also look for furniture and other event decorations to make your event look more welcoming.

4) Back-Up Plan

Minor hindrances can happen during the event. So, better have a backup plan for a better solution. This way, you can ensure that the event will flow smoothly. You can also hire professionals like IT, mechanics, and people who can fix technical problems.

5) Do a Rehearsal

Most importantly, you rehearse for the main event. You can see the flow of events and be knowledgeable about the things you need to change. You can also ask for help from an events management company in Singapore and provide advice for the final touch. As such, you will be able to see the mistakes earlier before the event.

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Virginia Canales

Virginia Canales