7 Benefits of Hiring a Captive Insurance Agent

Buying insurance is not as easy as completing the step by step process in an online insurance comparison site. There are a lot of opportunities to save money that you miss when you buy your insurance online. On the other hand, if you hire an insurance agent, you will be able to get the most out of your money from the insurance policy. You can hire a captive agent if you already know which insurance company you want to shop for your insurance policy. The following are 7 benefits of hiring a captive insurance agent.

  1. Give Full Details on Different Product Offerings

The insurance agent knows the ins and outs of the company offerings. He can tell you all about the pros and cons of the different products. He can also tell you if there is any requirement you need to meet to purchase an insurance product. With this information, you can decide for yourself which product is suitable for you.

  1. Quickly Create an Insurance Policy Plan

The insurance agent can quickly craft an insurance policy plan that suits your budget because he is well versed with all the product offerings. Fort Worth insurance agents know how to mix and match different products to meet your needs while keeping your budget in mind. If you were to do this on your own, you may select the wrong products and pay more than you should for the policy.

  1. Give You More Discount Options

The insurance agent can tell you about a discount that the insurance company is currently offering. You may not be aware of this discount if you shop at the online insurance comparison site. It is true that the online insurance comparison site also gives you some discount options. However, the agent may have access to even better discount that is not available to customers that order online.

  1. Specialization with a Single Insurance Company

Captive agents have specialization knowledge since they only represent one company. If you ask them anything about the offerings, they can provide full details to it. This prevents you from having to spend time visiting the insurance site or getting routed to different representatives on the phone when you want to find out about a product you are interested in.

  1. Has Cheaper Cost

A captive agent is cheaper compared to an independent agent. There is no need for the agent to perform an extensive search when finding information on a product because they know all the products in their head. Besides, they don’t charge any brokerage fee as they are not allowed to do so. Independent agents charge a higher fee because they represent multiple insurance companies.

Independent agent has to do more work when giving you recommendation on the policy with the best coverage and lowest premiums. The agent will have to spend time searching for the policy with your requirements. Independent agent charges brokerage fee on their clients so it will be more expensive to hire one.

  1. Ability to Bundle Multiple Policies

A captive agent is known for providing service in bundling multiple policies. Bundling multiple policies can get you a discount easily since it is considered as buying in bulk. With a captive agent, it is possible to bundle business and personal policies to get a discount.

  1. Instantly Get a Quote

You can often quickly get a quote when you use a captive insurance agent. It is recommended that you get quotes from captive agents that represent different insurance companies before making a purchase decision. In this way, you will be able to compare which policy best suits your needs and budget.

David Griffin

David Griffin