5 Unexpected Uses for the Air Compressor Hidden in Your Singapore Home

You might have an air compressor hidden somewhere in your Singapore home you do not know where else to use. Here are five unexpected uses for an air compressor.

#1 Quickly Clean Messes 

You can clean up with a quick blast of air from an air compressor. Turn down your machine to 30 psi or less before blowing away any mess. Using compressed air to clean yourself is harmful. Leave that to the washing machine and shower.

#2 Paint Like a Pro

Air compressors are great for powering a spray gun. You can use it to repaint walls or anything that needs a new coat of paint. Continuous practice will make your paint job more and more refined.

#3 Inflate Lifesavers or Balls

You can use that portable air compressor you bought at a Singapore car accessories store to inflate pool tubes or balls. Attach the appropriate to your air compressor and get through all of them within moments. Do not forget to set the pressure appropriately.

#4 Make It Snow

You can have a DIY snow maker with the air compressor hidden somewhere in your home. You may need a handful of valve and pipe pieces and your compressor to make a snow machine in minutes. It is perfect for exhibitions and plays that require you to recreate a winter wonderland.

# Make Your Barbeque Even Hotter

Pull out the portable air compressor you bought at a Singapore retailer to stoke the fire. You will have a raging inferno in no time if you find the sweet spot near the base of the flame. Don’t forget to lower the pressure regulator, or you will fully extinguish the fire.

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Virginia Canales

Virginia Canales