5 Signs It’s Time to Contact a Commercial Roofer

If you are a business owner that relies heavily on your property to conduct business, then your property is essential for you to stay in business. You need to make investments to ensure that it is in the best condition possible. Never take your business’s roof for granted.

Working with a professional commercial roofer may be essential for you to stay in business. The roof over your head, your customers’ heads, and your employees’ heads keeps them safe. 

When contacting a commercial roofer, they will well spend some time and money on roof maintenance to prevent larger and completely avoidable future damage.

Signs for Commercial Roof Repair

There are a bunch of pretty obvious hints that will tell you when to call a pro. A commercial roofer can complete a full inspection and give you a proper assessment. Just don’t wait until it’s too late, as again this is a big safety issue for you and your business.

Commercial Roof Leakage

Water can cause damage in commercial industrial roofing, so if you see water spots on the inside walls or ceilings, that is when you need a commercial roofer. Your roof needs to be inspected for moisture that is soaking up there. There could be a musty scent from the dampness. 

Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing seals parts of the commercial roof to other components and structures. It is a vital part of the safety of the roof. 

Roof flashing is a lot like glue. It holds it all together. When the roof flashing has damage or is even missing, you can have a very serious problem on your hands.

Membrane Roofs That Bubble

If your commercial roof is a membrane style, it is good to note that your type of roof is prone to blistering or bubbling. It could result from poor installation. If you don’t treat these issues, the blistering and the bubbling will lead to water that can travel through your roof. 

If this happens, you will have immense water damage on your hands. Why call a pro? You want a professional to help you so that this doesn’t happen to you in the future.

Areas That Sag 

You never want to see sagging on your commercial roof. It should always appear to be even. 

How does sagging happen? This may occur if they installed a new commercial roof on top of the old roof. You should never opt for an overlay, ever. 

Another reason for sagging is too much moisture. If your roof looks uneven, this is when you need a commercial roofer.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can be one of the most obvious reasons for commercial roof issues by far. Never ignore storm damage when it occurs. Regardless if it is dents from hail or a tornado that pass through, you need a professional to perform storm damage inspection right away.

Benefits of Calling a Commercial Roofer

The biggest benefit of calling a commercial roofer is to have them help you prevent further damage. The last thing you want is a bigger bill and longer rehabilitation time for the repairs.

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Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer