5 Reasons to Hire Painting Contractors for Your Home Paint Job


You plan to repaint your home, but you’re torn between DIY or hiring professional painting contractors. Be warned, watching a bunch of DIY home painting videos isn’t enough to make you a good painter. You may make mistakes that will cost you time and money in re-doing the paintwork all over again.

Hiring a painting contractor gets the job done right the first time due to the professionals’ amicable experience. Painting a home by yourself can be a daunting task, no matter how skilled you may be. Hiring a painting contractor will be a good return on your investment as the quality of work will be exceptional.

We spend most of our time in our homes; the scenery of having well-painted walls can make your home more appealing. More so, a well-done paint job can restore your home to look as good as new. Don’t take chances on somewhere you and your family spend most of your time.

If you are skeptical about the need for hiring a painting team, this article is for you.

Here are five important reasons why you should hire a professional painting contractor to do your painting job.

1. Choosing the Best Color

Painting a home can be complicated compared to small projects that you might have painted for yourself. Getting the right color schemes and patterns for your walls can, at times, require professional experience. If you plan on doing different colors than the ones you have, coordinating the color schemes is crucial.

Painting contractors liaise with interior designers to get the best color combinations for your house. Coordinating the interior and exterior colors of the house can be overwhelming for an amateur. Painting services include consultation on the right color choices to pick so that you don’t get overwhelmed when making a decision.

Professional painters are in touch with the latest trends in the market, thereby holding a lot of information you could leverage. At times getting the right color might be more important than the painting itself.

2. Experience

A famous adage goes by experience is the best teacher. A painting company that has done painting jobs for a long time has the expertise to make your home beautiful. Painting contractors have the plan and techniques necessary to turn your home around.

Am sure you’ve come across buildings that have the paint peeling off. Most likely, the reason is attributed to shoddy prep work done on the walls before painting. Experienced painters first assess the walls to take necessary precautions to ensure adhesiveness.

Be assured that hiring a painting team will have value for your money. Doing it by yourself, the probability is that the wall will be uneven or bumpy on certain parts due to the irregular application of the paint. The painters have the experience in ensuring no paint bubbles or choppy layers get formed after painting.

3. Well-Equipped

How long do you think it would take you to paint your whole house with a paintbrush? Not counting the struggle of painting high to reach places that require extended rollers. Paint Contractors have a wide array of tools to ensure the paint job is of high quality.

To clear the doubt, here are some of the tools used by professional painters;

  •  Wall cleaner –  for cleaning the wall to ensure no paint bubbles formed
  •  Frog tape – for marking the edges of surfaces for clean work 
  •  Rollers – for distributing an even layer of paint on the wall faster
  •  Roller extensions – for extending the roller length to reach high places
  • Cloth drop fabrics – used to cover your furniture in case spillage
  • A sturdy ladder – to help painting the areas that are off your reach

The list goes on and on; the cost of equipment needed can hit your pocket harder than expected. More so, professional painters know where to get the best quality equipment. You don’t have to purchase tools that you will probably use once in a blue moon.

4. They Have Insurance

A lot of things could go wrong during the painting of your home. The benefit of having a professional painting company do it is that they have insurance cover if anything goes wrong. You won’t pay for any damages caused by the painting team.

However, when choosing the painting company, confirm that they’re insured to be on the safe side. This gives you peace of mind, and you rest assured of indemnity if things go wrong.

5. Time-efficiency

Painting your home by yourself while paying attention to every detail can take you a lot of time to complete. The beauty of hiring a painting contractor is that they work on the timeline you’ve agreed. To uphold professionalism in their work, your house painting will be complete before the due date.

Suppose you had planned to go for a short vacation with your family, while the repainting of your house is in progress. Be rest assured the work will be done when you come back. This gives you the convenience of surprising your family.

Enjoy Quality Services by Hiring Painting Contractors When Painting Your Home

As witnessed above, there are pressing reasons why you should hire painting contractors rather than DIY when painting your home. If you are a homeowner looking for quality and durable results, this is your best option. You can derive many added benefits by getting a professional painting company to do the job for you.

If you resonate with the reasons stated, make the right decision by getting painting services from a professional company.

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Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer